Ice Hockey world championship winners list since 1920 - Sports history


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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Ice Hockey world championship winners list since 1920

Ice Hockey World Championship Champions list 1920-2020.

The 2019 Men's Ice Hockey World Championships was the 83rd such event hosted by the IIHF. 16 Teams participated at several levels of competition.

Two national teams, Kyrgyzstan and Thailand, made their debut in the World Championships.

Finland won the Ice Hockey World Championships 2019 gold medal, followed by silver medalist Canada and bronze medalist Russia.

2020 edition was cancelled due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

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1920 Ice hockey world championship winner team canada.


Ice Hockey 1st time on 3 March 1875 was played as the indoor game in Montreal Victoria, Canada. James Creighton who invented this game in Canada.

The IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship is an annual tournament organized by International Ice Hockey Federation ( IIHA ).
The first World Championship was held at 1920 Summer Olympics till 1968, but later in Winter Olympics. In 1977 the Professional Athletes were allowed to play in World Championship, before 1977.
There are No Tournaments organized during 1940-46 due to WW-II.
10 countries have won the Gold medalists in IIHF World Championship, while a total of 14 countries have won medals.
Canada is the Most Winning team in IIHF overall have won the 49 medals, in which 25 Gold medals.
The 2nd best team in IIHF Soviet Union ( Russia ) overall have won the 26 Gold Medals, & as a Russia won the 5 Gold medal.

The Current & 2019 World Champion of Ice hockey World championship is Finland who beat Canada in the Final. 

How Sweden dominate in 2018 Ice Hockey World Championship Denmark to Snatch the title. Complete Results of every game

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World Juniors Ice Hockey Championship previous winners List by year.

IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships Champions List, All time medals winners 1920-2020.

Here is the full past results and All-time Ice Hockey World Championship Champions-Winners List by year from 1920-2020 

Years  Gold SilverBronzeHost Country
1920CanadaUnited StatesCzech SlovakiaBelgium
1924CanadaUnited StatesU . KFrance
1930CanadaGermanySwitzerlandFR , GER, Aus
1931CanadaUnited StatesAustria Poland
1932CanadaUnited StatesGermanyUnited States
1933United StatesCanadaCzech SlovakiaCzech Slovakia
1934CanadaUnited StatesGermanyItaly
1935CanadaSwitzerlandU . KSwitzerland
1936U . KCanadaUnited StatesGermany
1937CanadaU . KSwitzerlandGermany
1938CanadaU . KCzech SlovakiaCzech Slovakia
1939CanadaUnited StatesSwitzerlandSwitzerland
1947Czech SlovakiaSwedenAustriaCzech Slovakia
1948CanadaCzech SlovakiaSwitzerlandSwitzerland
1949Czech SlovakiaCanadaUnited StatesSweden
1950CanadaUnited StatesSwitzerlandU . K
1952CanadaUnited StatesSwedenNorway
1953SwedenW. GermanySwitzerlandFrance
1954Soviet UnionCanadaSwedenSweden
1955CanadaSoviet UnionCzech SlovakiaW. Germany
1956Soviet UnionUnited StatesCanadaItaly
1957SwedenSoviet UnionCzech SlovakiaSoviet Union
1958CanadaSoviet UnionSwedenNorway
1959CanadaSoviet UnionCzech SlovakiaCzech Slovakia
1960United StatesCanadaSoviet UnionUnited States
1961CanadaCzech SlovakiaSoviet UnionSwitzerland
1962SwedenCanadaUnited StatesUnited States
1963Soviet UnionSwedenCzech SlovakiaSweden
1964Soviet UnionSwedenCzech SlovakiaAustria
1965Soviet UnionCzech SlovakiaSwedenFinland
1966Soviet UnionCzech SlovakiaCanadaYugoslavia
1967Soviet UnionSwedenCanadaAustria
1968Soviet UnionCzech SlovakiaCanadaFrance
1969Soviet UnionSwedenCzech SlovakiaSweden
1970Soviet UnionSwedenCzech SlovakiaSweden
1971Soviet UnionCzech SlovakiaSwedenSwitzerland
1972Czech SlovakiaSoviet UnionSwedenCzech Slovakia
1973Soviet UnionSwedenCzech SlovakiaSoviet Union
1974Soviet UnionCzech SlovakiaSwedenFinland
1975Soviet UnionCzech SlovakiaSwedenW. Germany
1976Czech SlovakiaSoviet UnionSwedenPoland
1977Czech SlovakiaSwedenSoviet UnionAustria
1978Soviet UnionCzech SlovakiaCanadaCzech Slovakia
1979Soviet UnionCzech SlovakiaSwedenSoviet Union
1981Soviet UnionSwedenCzech SlovakiaSweden
1982Soviet UnionCzech SlovakiaCanadaFinland
1983Soviet UnionCzech SlovakiaCanadaW.Germany
1985Czech SlovakiaCanadaSoviet UnionCzech Slovakia
1986Soviet UnionSwedenSoviet Union
1987SwedenSoviet UnionCzech Slovakia
1989Soviet UnionCanadaCzech SlovakiaSweden
1990Soviet UnionSwedenCzech SlovakiaSwitzerland
1991SwedenCanadaSoviet UnionFinland
1992SwedenFinlandCzech SlovakiaCzech Slovakia
1993RussiaSwedenCzech RepublicGermany
1996Czech RepublicCanadaUnited StatesAustria
1997CanadaSwedenCzech RepublicFinland
1998SwedenFinlandCzech RepublicSwitzerland
1999Czech RepublicFinlandSwedenNorway
2000Czech RepublicSlovakiaFinlandRussia
2001Czech RepublicFinlandSwedenGermany
2004CanadaSwedenUnited StatesCzech Republic
2005Czech RepublicCanadaRussiaAustria
2006SwedenCzech RepublicFinlandLatvia
2010Czech RepublicRussiaSwedenGermany
2011FinlandSwedenCzech RepublicSlovakia
2012RussiaSlovakiaCzech RepublicSweden
2013SwedenSwitzerlandUnited StatesSweden
2015CanadaRussiaUnited StatesCzech Republic
2018SwedenSwitzerlandUnited StatesDenmark
2020CancelledCancelled CancelledSwitzerland
2021 Belarus, Latvia

Next - Upcoming IIHF World Championships - Future Sites/Venues through 2025.

Year  | Host Cities | H. Countries 

2021   ---  Minsk (Belarus) and Riga, (Latvia) 
2022   ---  Helsinki and Tampere  (Finland )
2023   ---  Saint Petersburg  (Russia) 
2024   ---  Prague  and Ostrava  (Czech Republic) 
2025   ---   To be announced  (Sweden, Denmark )


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