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Thursday, July 8, 2021

2021-22 FA Cup All-rounds draw dates, Prize money, fund winners share

The Emirates FA Cup 2021-22: Every round draw dates, Prize money, fund winners share. 

 The World's most famous domestic cup competition is already in England is approaching now. 

While dreams of Wembley glory may be some way off yet for the big guns of English football, the magic of the Cup has already begun for some.

 A total of 729 English clubs will enter the Emirates FA Cup for the 2021-22 season, the 150th edition of the competition’s history.

 As a result of the recent restructuring of the FA National League System (NLS), the maximum number of clubs that can be accepted to participate in the competition in its current format is 729.

 The big news is that replays are back for all Qualifying Rounds and up until the Fourth Round Proper after taking a season off last year due to the condensed pandemic affected calendar.

The Emirates FA Cup 2021-22: Round-by-round Draw Dates, schedules.

 The 2021-22 Emirates FA Cup, which will be celebrating its 150th anniversary edition, is due to kick-off on Saturday 7 August 2021 with its extra preliminary round.

 The 2021-22 FA Cup edition is scheduled to begin on Sunday 15 August 2021 with its own extra preliminary round and the Final is arranged for Sunday 15 May 2022 at the national stadium.

 The FA Cup Final is planned to take place at the home of English football on Saturday 14 May 2022 and the Premier League has announced that its fixtures on this date have been re-scheduled to ensure a standalone kick-off time.

Extra Preliminary Round:     Saturday 7 August 2021

Preliminary Round:   Saturday 21 August 2021

First Round Qualifying:    Saturday 4 September 2021

Second Round Qualifying:    Saturday 18 September 2021

Third Round Qualifying: Saturday 2 October 2021

Fourth Round Qualifying:    Saturday 16 October 2021

First Round Proper:    Saturday 6 November 2021

Second Round Proper:    Saturday 4 December 2021

Third Round Proper:    Saturday 8 January 2022

Fourth Round Proper:    Saturday 5 February 2022

Fifth Round Proper: Wednesday 2 March 2022

Quarter Final:    Saturday 19 March 2022

Semi Final:    Saturday 16 April 2022

FA Cup Final:    Saturday 14 May 2022

The Emirates FA Cup 2021-22: The FA's prize fund, Purse, money, winners share.

 The total prize fund will remain at circa £16m which is the same level as it was for the 2020-21 competition. 

There will be payments made to the winners and losers in all rounds of the qualifying rounds, but payments will only be made to the winners from the first round proper through to the quarter-final. 

Two Years ago in 2019-20 FA Cup season the Prize fund, purse money was doubled £32million as compare to this year as £16Million winners share money was announced to distribute among the Clubs.

The FA Cup winners and losers will each receive a payment in the semi-final and Final.

Extra Preliminary Round winners (174) £1,125        Extra Pre. Round losers (174) £375

Preliminary Round winners (155) £1,444           Preliminary Round losers (155) £481

First Round Qualifying winners (121) £2,250       First Round Qualifying losers (121) £750

Second Round Qualifying winners (82) £3,375       Second Round Qualifying losers (82) £1,125

Third Round Qualifying winners (41) £5,625       Third Round Qualifying losers (41) £1,875

Fourth Round Qualifying winners (32) £9,375       Fourth Round Qualifying losers (32) £3,125

First Round Proper winners (40) £22,629

Second Round Proper winners (20) £34,000

Third Round Proper winners (32) £82,000

Fourth Round Proper winners (16) £90,000

Fifth Round Proper winners (8) £180,000

Quarter Final winners (4) £360,000

Semi-Final winners (2) £900,000        Semi-Final losers (2) £450,000

Final runners-up (1) £900,000

Final winners (1) £1,800,000


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