Pakistan set to host Asia Kabaddi Cup 2022, Kabaddi WorldCup 2024

Pakistan set to host Asia Kabaddi Cup 2022 and Kabaddi World Cup 2024.

Pakistan continues to hold international sports.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has got the hosting rights of Asia Kabaddi Cup 2022 and World Kabaddi Cup 2024.

According to details, the secretary of Pakistan Kabaddi Federation said in a press conference that the hosting of Asia Kabaddi Cup 2022 and World Kabaddi Cup 2024 has come to Pakistan.

Pakistan Kabaddi Federation Secretary Muhammad Sarwar Rana said that kabaddi event has also been included in SAFE Games, several kabaddi events are going to be organized this year.

Secretary of Pakistan Kabaddi Federation also said that matches of Kabaddi teams of Pakistan and India will be held in Kartarpur this year.

Pakistan, got, hosting rights,  Asia Kabaddi Cup 2022, Kabaddi World Cup 2024.

   Both teams will be played Three matches between them, the day after the match the team will go back to their country.

He also said that Sikhs from all over the world are waiting for the matches between the teams in Kartarpur.

Leading Indian cricketer Sadhu will also accompany the Indian Kabaddi team.

Kabaddi World Cup Winners List, Past Champions so far, History 2004-2020: 

Who won the Last/most recent Kabaddi World Cup 2020.

It may be recalled that Pakistan became the world champion of Kabaddi for the first time by defeating the Indian team in the final of Kabaddi World Cup 2020 in Lahore.

Pakistan defeat Arch rivals India, win Kabaddi World Cup 2020 for the first time.

  In the final of the Kabaddi World Cup, Pakistan beat India by 43 points to 41 after a thrilling contest.

On 16 February 2020, the Indian team failed to defend the Kabaddi World Cup title.  The Indian team has won the World Cup six times and this was its first defeat.