List of Netball World Cup Winners: Champions history since 1963

Netball World Cup Champions, Championship winners List 1963-2019.

Australia national Netball Team has won the most titles of Netball World Championship with 11th times, lead by The Silver Ferns won the Netball title 5th times.

2015 Netball World Cup champion-winner team is The Diamonds (Australia).

  New Zealand stunned holders and 11-time champions Australia to win the 2019 Netball World Cup in Liverpool...

 The final was tense throughout and came down to the dying seconds and just one goal, as the Kiwis prevailed 52-51. 

It was the Silver Ferns' fifth world title but their first since 2003 as they finally ended the Diamonds' dominance.

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Netball World Championship brief history & Facts-Figures.

  • The Netball World Cup is a quadrennial international tournament organized by International Netball Federation (INF). 
  • It is also known as Netball World Championship till 2011. 
  • The 1st Netball World championship was held in 1963 at England and won by Australia Netball Team (The Diamonds) by def. the New Zealand team (The silvers Ferns).
  • The Australian Team is the most successful and dominated team in Netball World Cup, having won the 11th times Netball World Cups and 3 times a loser.
  • New Zealand has won the 4 titles of Netball World Championship and 8th time as a runner-up.
  • Trinidad and Tobago have won the title 1 time in 1979. England, South Africa, and Jamaica haven't won any title yet...
  • 2015 INF Netball World Cup winner-champion team is Australian Netball team (The Diamonds)...
  • The next Netball World Cup 2019 will take place at ACC Liverpool,  England, and dates start from 12th July - 21st July 2019, &  currently, 16 teams are included.

1963 Netball World Cup England 

Australia    -     New Zealand (round robin)

1967 Netball World Cup Australia

New Zealand   -    Australia (round robin)

1971 Netball World Cup Jamaica

Australia    -    New Zealand (round robin)

1975 Netball World Cup New Zealand

Australia   -   England (round robin)

1979 Netball World Cup Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

Australia / New Zealand / Trinidad & Tobago - (round robin)

1983 Netball World Cup Singapore

Australia  -    New Zealand (round robin)

1987 Netball World Cup Scotland

New Zealand   -   Trinidad & Tobago, Australia (round robin)

1991 Netball World Cup Australia

Australia      53-52     New Zealand

1995 Netball World Cup England

Australia     68-48    South Africa 

1999 Netball World Cup New Zealand

Australia     42-41     New Zealand 

2003 Netball World Cup Jamaica

New Zealand     49-47    Australia 

2007 Netball World Cup New Zealand

Australia      42-38    New Zealand 

2011 Netball World Cup Singapore

Australia     58-57     New Zealand 

2015 Netball World Cup Australia
Australia    58-55    New Zealand

2019 Netball World Cup England

Australia     51  -  52     New Zealand

Next / Upcoming event of INF Netball World Cup 2023 place will be decided soon...