List of Mr. Olympia Winners: Past Champions history Since 1965 - Sports history


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Monday, October 11, 2021

List of Mr. Olympia Winners: Past Champions history Since 1965

Mr. Olympia Past Winners: All-Time Champions List Since 1965.

The most winning titles record of Mr. Olympia hold by Ronnie Coleman and 
Lee Haney is 8th time each.

Big Ramy is the 2021 Mr. Olympia Champion.

Mamdouh Elssbiay was able to beat out Brandon Curry and Hadi Choopan, among others, to be crowned the winner of the biggest competition in the sport of bodybuilding.🥇💪🔥

Elssbiay and Curry finished atop the competition in 2020 as well, with Big Ramy becoming the first back-to-back champion since Phil Heath won the competition an incredible seven straight times between 2011-17.

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Mr. Olympia brief history & Stats-Facts.

  • Mr. Olympia is an award given to the Pro. men's bodybuilding competition winner.
  •  It is International bodybuilding event held annually organized by the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB). Mr. Olympia title award was created by Joe Weider to enable the Mr. Universe to get more money. 
  • The 1st competition was held in 1965 at Brooklyn NY, USA & won by Larry Scott who won the first 2 titles. 
  • The most record winning titles of Mr. Olympia is won by Ronnie Coleman and 
  • Lee Haney is 8th time each. Arnold Schwarzenegger, & Phil Heath won the title 7th times, 
  • Dorian Yates won the Mr. Olympia title 6th times.
  • Ms. Olympia is the female bodybuilding & fitness competition as compared to Mr. Olympia for men's. 
  •  2021 Mr. Olympia winners  Mamdouh Elssbiay takes home their share, the Prize money is $400,000... 
  • Rhoden became the oldest bodybuilder to win the Mr. Universe title 2018, at the age of 43 years, 5 months...

List of Ms. Olympia Winners: Past Champions history till 2018.

All-Time Mr. Olympia Past Winners: Full List of Champions 1965-2021.

Here are the full list of all Mr. Olympia previous Winners-Champions results by Year since 1965 to 2021 so far...

Year    Winners       Venue

2022    Winner    Las Vegas, NV

2021     Mamdouh Elssbiay   Orlando, FL...

2020    Mamdouh Elssbiay   Orlando, FL...

2019    Brandon Curry Las Vegas, NV.

2018    Shawn Rhoden   Las Vegas, NV

2017     Phill Heath         Las Vegas, NV

2016    Phil Heath          Las Vegas, NV

2015    Phil Heath          Las Vegas, NV

2014    Phil Heath          Las Vegas, NV

2013    Phil Heath          Las Vegas, NV

2012    Phil Heath          Las Vegas, NV

2011     Phil Heath          Las Vegas, NV

2010     Jay Cutler          Las Vegas, NV

2009    Jay Cutler          Las Vegas, NV

2008    Dexter Jackson          Las Vegas, NV

2007     Jay Cutler          Las Vegas, NV

2006    Jay Cutler          Las Vegas, NV

2005    Ronnie Coleman          Las Vegas, NV

2004     Ronnie Coleman          Las Vegas, NV

2003    Ronnie Coleman          Las Vegas, NV

2002    Ronnie Coleman          Las Vegas, NV

2001    Ronnie Coleman          Las Vegas, NV

2000    Ronnie Coleman          Las Vegas, NV

1999    Ronnie Coleman          Las Vegas, NV

1998    Ronnie Coleman          New York, NY

1997     Dorian Yates          Los Angeles, CA

1996    Dorian Yates          Chicago, IL

1995    Dorian Yates          Atlanta, GA

1994    Dorian Yates          Atlanta, GA

1993    Dorian Yates          Atlanta, GA

1992    Dorian Yates          Helsinki, Finland

1991     Lee Haney          Orlando, FL

1990    Lee Haney          Chicago, IL

1989    Lee Haney          Rimini, Italy

1988    Lee Haney          Los Angeles, CA

1987     Lee Haney          Gothenburg, Sweden

1986    Lee Haney          Columbus, OH

1985    Lee Haney          Brussels, Belgium

1984    Lee Haney          New York, NY

1983    Samir Bannout          Munich, Germany

1982    Chris Dickerson          London, England

1981    Franco Columbu          Columbus, OH

1980    Arnold Schwarzenegger          Sydney, Australia

1979    Frank Zane          Columbus, OH

1978    Frank Zane          Columbus, OH

1977    Frank Zane          Columbus, OH

1976    Franco Columbu          Columbus, OH

1975     Arnold Schwarzenegger          Pretoria, South Africa

1974    Arnold Schwarzenegger          New York, NY

1973    Arnold Schwarzenegger          New York, NY

1972     Arnold Schwarzenegger          Essen, Germany

1971     Arnold Schwarzenegger          Paris France

1970     Arnold Schwarzenegger          New York, NY

1969    Sergio Oliva          New York, NY

1968    Sergio Oliva          New York, NY

1967    Sergio Oliva          New York, NY

1966    Larry Scott          New York, NY

1965    Larry Scott          New York, NY

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