How many Yellow & Red Cards given in FIFA World Cup History

Penalty card given in FIFA World Cup History, Yellow & Red Cards awarded since 1970.

For the first time in World Cup history, the Penalties were awarded in the shape of Yellow Cards & Red cards given in the 1970 world Cup in Mexico. There have been 52 yellow cards awarded & No red card allocated to any player.

When was the Most Yellow & red cards awarded in a single world cup match, History.

Argentina claimed a dramatic 4-3 penalty shootout victory over Netherlands to claim a spot in the World Cup semifinals, but the match will be remembered for the 18 yellow cards and one red dished out by Spanish referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz to set a record in "Battle of Lusail."

The 18 yellows included eight for Dutch footballers, eight for Argentine players, and one each for Albiceste manager Lionel Scaloni and coach Walter Samuel.

  • In total, 15 players on the field received a card - a new World Cup record.

Previously, 2006 World Cup also featured an infamous Round of 16 match between the Netherlands and Portugal, known as the "Battle of Nurnberg.

That match includes 16 yellow cards and four red cards, including nine yellow cards by the Netherlands.

Accord. to another source, There were 345 yellows and 28 reds shown during the tournament, both individual card records for a single World Cup. An An average of more than 5 cards per game.

The Penalty card given in FIFA World Cup History, Yellow & Reds Card awarded since 1970-2022..

In the 1996 World Cup, Spanish referee Antonio Jesus Lopez Nieto issued 12 yellow cards during Senegal's 3-3 draw with Uruguay and 16 yellows and two red cards during Germany's 2-0 victory over Cameroon on the same day.

Netherlands vs. Netherlands matchup in 2010 World Cup also invloved the most yellow cards because it was the tournament's Final game & went to the Extra times.

Four more cards were issued in the second half after the first half's five cards, and Andres Iniesta's goal four minutes from time gave Spain the victory in the Final.

Uruguay 1930 FIFA World Cup -- No Yellow & Red Card awarded

Italy 1934 FIFA World Cup -- No Yellow & Red Card awarded

France 1938 FIFA World Cup -- No Yellow & Red Card awarded

Brazil 1950 FIFA World Cup -- No Yellow & Red Card awarded

Switzerland 1954 FIFA World Cup -- No Yellow & Red Card awarded

Sweden 1958 FIFA World Cup -- No Yellow & Red Card awarded

Chile 1962 FIFA World Cup -- No Yellow & Red Card awarded

England 1966 FIFA World Cup -- No Yellow & Red Card awarded

Mexico 1970 FIFA World Cup -- 52 Yellow -- 0 Red

West Germany 1974 FIFA World Cup -- 87 Yellow -- 5 Red

Argentina 1978 FIFA World Cup -- 46 Yellow -- 3 Red

Spain 1982 FIFA World Cup -- 99 Yellow -- 5 Red

Mexico 1986 FIFA World Cup -- 138 Yellow -- 8 Red

Italy 1990 FIFA World Cup -- 168 Yellow -- 16 Red

United States 1994 FIFA World Cup -- 228 Yellow -- 15 Red

France 1998 FIFA World Cup -- 254 Yellow -- 22 Red

South Korea and Japan 2002 FIFA World Cup -- 266 Yellow -- 16 Red

Germany 2006 FIFA World Cup -- 326 Yellow -- 27 Red  (345 Yellow - 28 Reds )

South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup -- 253 Yellow -- 17 Red

Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup -- 181 Yellow -- 10 Red

Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup -- 221 Yellow -- 4 Red

Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup -- 227 Yellow's - 5 Reds

When was the most yellow cards & Red Cards awarded in a single tournament.?

The Highest yellow cards was given in the 18th edition of world cup held in Germany, the total no. of yellow cards awarded to 326 times.

The Highest yellow cards was also given in the 18th edition of world cup held in Germany, the total no. of Reds cards awarded to 27 or 28 times.

Which Players was awarded the most yellow & Red Cards in FIFA World Cup history in Single Match.?

This was Zidane’s second red card in World Cup competition, tying him with Cameroon’s Rigobert Song as players with the most reds in World Cup history.

Arguably the most infamous red card went to France’s Zinedine Zidane, when he headbutted to Italian defender Marco Materazzi in the 2006 World Cup final against Italy. Ultimately, France lost to Italy in penalty shout out. After that Zidane retired.

It was the Zidane second Red Card and were tied Brazil’s Cafu as players with the most total cards in World Cup tournament. Both ended their careers with six cards. All six of Cafu’s were yellow, making him the most yellow-carded player in World Cup history.

Which Players was awarded the most yellow cards in FIFA World Cup history.

Argentina's Javier Mascherano have tagged the player with the most World Cup yellow cards in the competition's history. He earned his 7th and final booking in his last World Cup match, booked as Argentina fell to France 4-3 in the 2018 World Cup.

Player - Nation -- Yellow Cards

Javier Mascherano,  Argentina -- 7

Cafu,  Brazil -- 6

Lothar Matthaus,  Germany -- 6

Rafa Marquez,  Mexico -- 5 

Rigobert Song,  Cameroon -- 5

Diego Maradona, Argentina -- 4

Michael Ballack,  Germany -- 4

Jurgen Klinsmann,  Germany -- 4

Zinedine Zidane,  France -- 4

Tim Cahill,  Australia -- 4

Which Teams have the most yellow cards in World Cup history

Germany has collected the most cards, and most yellow cards, in FIFA World Cup history, with cards issued for unsporting behavior since 1970.

Nation -  Total cards -  Yellow Cards

Germany -- 129 - 122

Argentina -- 122 - 112

Brazil -- 109 - 98

Netherlands -- 101 - 94

Italy -- 99 - 91

Mexico -- 76 - 70

Spain -- 65 - 64

Uruguay -- 70 - 61

South Korea -- 63 - 61

France -- 63 - 57

England -- 54 - 51

FIFA World Cup 2022: Rules on yellow & red cards

If a player receives two yellow cards during the World Cup, they will be suspended from their team's upcoming game. A player who receives a red card and is ejected from the game will also be absent from the team's subsequent contest.

Depending on the type of foul the player committed, FIFA may add additional penalties if it deems them necessary. A player's red card from his or her team's final competition game will carry over to that player's or team's subsequent official match.

How many Yellow Cards given in FIFA World Cup 2022, Most Yellow cards in Qatar Tournament.?

Are you searching for the most yellow cards in world cup 2022? Yes! Then you’re in the right place.

Overall Referees handed out 227 yellow cards - the most since 2010, the Total No. of Yellow Cards have been awarded so far to players in 2022 FIFA World Cup.
So if we exclude the double or triple yellow card awarded player in the list, Total 206 Single Players have been given the Yellow Cards in Qatar tournament

Two Argentinean Players Gonzalo Montiel Marcos Acuna have been awarded the most yellow cards in 2022 FIFA World Cup with Three times.

While the Overall Twenty Three (23) Players have been given the Yellow card for Twice.

How many Red Cards awarded in FIFA World Cup 2022 so far in Qatar Tournament.?

There have been five red cards awarded at the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar so far.

Wales received the first disqualification at the 2022 World Cup during their match against Iran in Group B. In the final ten minutes of their second game, Wayne Hennessey was dismissed for kicking Mehdi Taremi.

In the eventual penalty shootout loss to Argentina for the Netherlands, Denzel Dumfries was dismissed for receiving a second yellow.

After scoring a stoppage time goal to give Cameroon a 1-0 victory over Brazil, Vincent Aboubakar was given a red card for taking off his shirt in celebration.

Paulo Bento, the coach of South Korea, was given a red card shortly after his team's Group H match loss to Ghana, 3-2.

Following Atlan Lions' 1-0 quarterfinal victory over Portugal, Walid Cheddira of Morocco was issued a second yellow card in extra time.

List of red cards in FIFA World Cup 2022

Wayne Hennessey - WALES vs Iran (violent conduct)

Vincent Aboubakar - CAMEROON vs Brazil (second yellow)

Paulo Bento (coach) - SOUTH KOREA vs Ghana (dissent)

Denzel Dumfries - NETHERLANDS vs Argentina (second yellow)

Walid Cheddira - MOROCCO vs Portugal (second yellow)

FIFA World Cup: Yellow Card and Red Cards History, Stats, records.

Most yellow cards (player): Javier Mascherano (7)

Most red cards (player): Rigobert Song, Zinedine Zidane (2)

Most yellow cards (team): Argentina (88)

Most red cards (team): Brazil (11)

Fastest yellow card: Jesus Gallardo (11 seconds)

Fastest red card: Jose Batista (56 seconds)

Most yellow cards (tournament): 2006 (345)

Most red cards (tournament): 2006 (28)


Source - via AFP.