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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

CFP Rankings, Top Four Holds, N.Dame up, Oklahoma down in top 25

College Football Playoff Rankings 2021: Georgia, Alabama, Oregon, Ohio no change, Houston and Mississippi in new top 25.

The third edition of the College Football Playoff Rankings was announced Tuesday night with Georgia, Alabama, Oregon and Ohio State remaining as the top four teams for the second straight week. Not only that, the first seven teams in the top 25 were unchanged as all won games in a week that only saw one significant upset.

The Bears improved two spots to No. 11. Notre Dame supplants Oklahoma at No. 8. Oklahoma State and Wake Forest complete the top 10.

The SEC leads all conferences with six teams in the rankings. The Big Ten was right behind with five. The Big 12 and ACC were next with three.

Houston and Mississippi State are the two teams moving into the rankings. Dropping out are Purdue and Auburn.

The final rankings of the season will be released Dec. 5. The semifinals will take place at the Orange Bowl and Cotton Bowl on Dec. 31. The championship game will be played on Jan. 10 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

2021 College Football Playoff Rankings, Third edi. CFP Top 25, Nov. 16...

1. Georgia (10-0)

2. Alabama (9-1)

3. Oregon (9-1)

4. Ohio State (9-1)

5. Cincinnati (10-0)

6. Michigan (9-1)

7. Michigan State (9-1)

8. Notre Dame (9-1)

9. Oklahoma State (9-1)

10. Wake Forest (9-1)

11. Baylor (8-2)

12. Mississippi (8-2)

13. Oklahoma (9-1)

14. Brigham Young (8-2)

15. Wisconsin (7-3)

16. Texas A&M (7-3)

17. Iowa (8-2)

18. Pittsburgh (8-2)

19. San Diego State (9-1)

20. North Carolina State (7-3)

21. Arkansas (7-3)

22 Texas-San Antonio (10-0)

23. Utah (7-3)

24. Houston (9-1)

25. Mississippi State (6-4)

Not previously ranked: Houston, Mississippi State


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