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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Maradona Net Worth, Who's going to get His billions dollars wealth?

Diago Maradona Net Worth? Who's going to get the Maradona billions of dollars? Everyone's eyes were set on it.

 The 1986 World Cup winner died of a heart attack on 25 November at the age of 60. 

Maradona, widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time. 

Argentine former football player Diego Maradona has left many valuable things inherited/ as Leagcy after his death.

We used to hear a lot about his personal life, but now the future of his financial legacy looks complicated.

  According to foreign media reports, since the death of Diego Maradona, there has been speculation about his assets that it is not easy to distribute his belongings among his heirs because Maradona's family is very large.

He has eight children after having relationships with six different women. It is expected that their legacy will be distributed equally among all children.   It seems to be a family dispute before the distribution of his Legacy.

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DNA tests will bring more claims of paternity. But for now, lawyers are estimating the total value of Maradona's total assets.  For many years, Maradona denied having children other than his two daughters, Giannina, 31, and Dalma, 33. 

The mother of the two children is Maradona's ex-wife Claudia Villafan, whom he divorced in 2003 after 20 years of marriage. 

In the 2010s, he had recognized Diego Jr., 34, and Gina, 24. But for that, their mother's had to fight a court battle with Maradona. He had relations with these women.

After the birth of their second son, seven-year-old Diego Fernando, in 2013, he was immediately accepted without a fight.

Then in 2019, Maradona's fans had another surprise when his lawyer announced that he had three more children in Cuba. He spent many years here after 2000.

  Then add two more Maradona's children, including 19-year-old Laura and 23-year-old Gill. Both believe Maradona was their father. Both say they are prepared to take legal action to prove. After that they will be able to share to the legacy of Maradona.

Diago Maradona Net Worth? How Much Wealth he left behind in his Leagcy.?

A total wealth or net assets list of Argentine footballer has not been not published anywhere. According to media reports, there is speculation that there are two ways to estimate their total wealth. 

In the first method estimates the total value of Maradona's assets.   It is estimated that the cost of everything from jewelry to their sports cars.

Total Net Worth Estimates range from 5 million to about 100 million dollars.

In the second estimate, Maradona's assets are deducted from the amount owed to him.

  According to Celebrity Networth, a website that estimates the wealth of celebrities, Maradona was worth a total of half million Dollars ($500,000).

  According to the website, they estimate it from financial analysis, market research and internal sources.

According to media reports, he owns at least five properties in Argentina, including a Rolls-Royce Ghost, Worth at $360,000. 

And a BMW i8 Valued at $175,000.  

One of his most expensive cars, which can swim in the water, was given to him as a gift in Belarus.

A diamond ring worth $360,000.

An agreement under which a video game company can show a player like them in their game.

  In addition, according to Celebrity Networth, Maradona had earned millions of dollars from his salary and advertising as a player and manager.

Maradona personal life is full bed of thrones along with Luxuries life. Throughout his life, He has had fights with his former partners and children.

In the past, He have had openly expressed his personal life issues on TV channels and social media posts.  Both Maradona's health and wealth isses/matters continue to grace the Top Trending News throughout the world.

For example, in November 2019, Maradona mentioned his legacy when his daughter, Giannina, described his poor health on social media.

In a YouTube video, Maradona said, 

"I'm telling you, if I leave anything behind, I'll donate everything."

According to Argentine law, a person can distribute only one-third of his wealth in advance in his will. The rest of the wealth is transferred to his wife and children.


 Since it appears that Maradona had no will or wife at the time of his death, so his total wealth will be shared equally among all children.

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