NBA Warriors top Fastest growing team values of decade since 2009 - Sports history


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Friday, December 27, 2019

NBA Warriors top Fastest growing team values of decade since 2009

NBA's Warriors dominate Fastest growing teams values of the decade since 2009-2019.

Forbes valued the team at $315 million seven months earlier, No. 18 in the league. The team had been to the playoffs just once in the prior 15 years and had inconsistent attendance at its 44-year-old arena.

No one is questioning the deal now. Today the Warriors are valued at $3.5 billion, the third most valuable team in the NBA behind the New York Knicks ($4 billion) and Los Angeles Lakers ($3.7 billion), a ten-fold appreciation since 2009 that has proven to be the decade’s best team investment in all the major sports leagues, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and international soccer, on a percentage basis.

Golden state warriors is the highest gainer/fastest growing value team of the decade 2009-2019

While the value of basketball teams appreciated more than nearly all other teams, the other two names come next.

The value of French soccer club Paris Saint-Germain rose 990% since 2009, the second-highest jump value of any team after the Warriors, almost thanks to Qatar’s investment arm, which bought the club for $100 million across two transactions in 2011 and 2012.

Ditto Manchester City, up 767% since 2009—the fourth-most of any team—thanks to the influx of Arab oil money, this time from Abu Dhabi.

 Measuring by percentage gain/profit ratio means that we’re missing some of the sports world’s most valuable teams;

we had ranked the biggest gainers by gross dollars, the top ten would include the likes of the New York Yankees, Barcelona and the LA Rams.

And no team would have come close to catching the Dallas Cowboys, now worth $5.5 billion— the most of any team in the world—...

Top 10 teams with Most Valuable Gainers, Fastest growing teams of decade 2009-2019:

#1      Golden State Warriors - 1,011% (current value: $3.5 billion

#2     Paris Saint-Germain - 992% (current value: $1.09 billion)

#3     Brooklyn Nets - 773% (current value: $2.35 billion)

#4     Manchester City - 767% (current value: $2.69 billion)

#5     Los Angeles Clippers - 646% (current value: $2.2 billion)

#6     New York Knicks - 583% (current value: $4 billion)

#7      Boston Celtics - 547% (current value: $2.8 billion)

#8     San Francisco Giants - 537% (current value: $3 billion)

#9     Los Angeles Lakers - 510% (current value: $3.7 billion)

#10    Chicago Bulls - 467% (current value: $2.9 billion)

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