Russia 4-year ban not compete in Olympics 2020, World Cup 2022 - Sports history


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Monday, December 9, 2019

Russia 4-year ban not compete in Olympics 2020, World Cup 2022

Russian Athletes Can't compete in Olympics 2020, World Cup 2022 due to four-year ban, Wada

The Russian flag and national anthem were banned from next year’s 2020 Tokyo Olympics and other All major sports events including the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar for four years on Monday by the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada)...

Russia’s hosting of world championships in Olympic sports also face being stripped after the World Anti-Doping Agency executive committee approved a full slate of recommended sanctions as punishment for state authorities tampering with a Moscow laboratory database.

WADA 4 year banned on Russia not to compete in any major sports event include Olympics 2020, World Cup 2022

 Russian athletes will be allowed to compete in major events will be able to compete under a neutral flag only if they are not implicated in positive doping tests or if their data was not manipulated, according to the WADA ruling,

 It comes after Russia's Anti Doping Agency (Rusada) was declared non-compliant for manipulating laboratory data handed over to investigators in January 2019.

Now Russian Right?

Now its Russia’s anti-doping agency (Rusada) has a right appeal against it,They can appeal the decision to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) within 21 days.

Was Russian really manipulated the athletes laboratory data?

 Evidence shows that Russian authorities tampered with a Moscow laboratory database to hide hundreds of potential doping cases and falsely shift the blame onto whistleblowers, WADA investigators and the International Olympic Committee said last month.

WADA vice-president Linda Helleland said?

“I’m not happy with the decision we made today. But this is as far as we could go,” said Linda Helleland, a Norwegian lawmaker. “This is the biggest sports scandal the world has ever seen. I would expect now a full admission from the Russians and for them to apologize on all the pain all the athletes and sports fans have experienced.”

" It's Not Enough, I wanted sanctions that can not be watered down," she said. "We owe it to the clean athletes to implement the sanctions as strongly as possible."

Wada president Sir Craig Reedie said
 "the decision showed its "determination to act resolutely in the face of the Russian doping crisis".

He added: "For too long, Russian doping has detracted from clean sport. The blatant breach by the Russian authorities of Rusada's reinstatement conditions demanded a robust response.

"That is exactly what has been delivered.

WADA athlete panel 
“This entire fiasco created by Russia has cheated far too many athletes of their dreams and rightful careers, for far too long,”

Russia Athletes in 2014 & 2018 Olympics

 A total of 168 Russian athletes competed under a neutral flag at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang after the country was banned following the 2014 Games, which is hosted in Sochi. Russian athletes won 33 medals in Sochi, 13 of which were gold.

Will Russia compete in  2020 Euro Football.?

 Despite the ban, Russia will be able to compete at Euro 2020 - in which St Petersburg will be a host city, because European football organization UEFA is not defined as a Major sporting event organization.

Now, What's Future of Russian Sports due to four year BAN?

 As part of the ban, Russia may not host, or bid for or be granted the right to host any major events for four years, including the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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