FPX beat G2 won the worlds 2019 title in debut year, - Sports history


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Sunday, November 10, 2019

FPX beat G2 won the worlds 2019 title in debut year,

FunPlus Phoenix beat G2 Esports to win the Summoner Cup 2019 in first year.

The 9th edition of League of Legends World Championship 2019 concludes on Sunday after a more than month eSports tournament with a Worlds finals match between European team G2 Esports and Chinese FunPlus Phoenix (FPX team) held at Paris, France.

FunPlus Phoenix. In their debut year, FPX has kept the Summoner’s Cup 2019 in the LPL after a dominant 3-0 victory over Europe’s super team, G2.

European fans had been too much hopeful because of G2’s played very dramatic style and its straight victories at 2019 tournaments. A European team hasn’t won finals since 2011, which wasn’t a truly global event.

FunPlus Phoenix beat G2 Esports to win the Summoner Cup 2019 LOL title in debut year.

 FPX had started the Worlds 2019 tournament with big teams across the world with star-studded rosters lineups, and at the forefront of that was Europe’s G2. They blasted their way through the LEC and also captured the MSI title in Taipei.

 The first game has already started in the style that both teams love to play, which is a lot of movement around the map. Already at level 3 we already saw two teleports on the upper route, in a dive that was well executed by the Chinese team. Doinb's rotations were fast and always guaranteed pressure on the side routes. The G2 was trying to make up for the mobility of Caps and its Pyke, but the Chinese got good goal control and great fight executions. The Europeans tried to hold the match but little by little saw the situation go out of control. At 40 minutes, FPX finished the game with a 22-7 kills score.

 In the second match Funplus gave no chance for G2 to even have a balanced early game. The team put a lot of pressure from the start and knew how to manage the advantage they got. The combination of pickoffs, barricades and the first tower of the game made the gold soar in favor of the Chinese early on, and without much difficulty, ensured a true stomp. It only took 25 minutes for the win, which ended with a score of 20-4 kills in favor of FPX.

 Match point for FPX and all or nothing for G2, the third match promised to be very disputed by both teams. Unlike the last few games, G2 got a better early game and didn't let the Chinese shoot gold early. The team got good rotations and some elemental dragons, but it wasn't enough to stop Phoenix on a fantastic day! In a great performance from Tian and the help of two mountain dragons, Funplus secured the match barons, finishing the game on 30 minutes and winning the world title.

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