FIBA EuroBasket 2021 Qualifiers: 32 teams field set - Sports history


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Friday, August 23, 2019

FIBA EuroBasket 2021 Qualifiers: 32 teams field set

FIBA EuroBasket 2021 Qualifiers 32 teams, Groups, Schedule, dates confirmed.

The 32-team field for the FIBA EuroBasket 2021 Qualifiers is now set following the completion of the Pre-Qualifiers, with the last four teams arriving from the Third Round.

The other 28 national teams secured Qualifiers berths either with successful showings at the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 European Qualifiers or via the Second Round of the FIBA EuroBasket 2021 Pre-Qualifiers.

FIBA EuroBasket 2021 Qualifiers: All Groups, teams Full Schedule, Dates confirmed.

The FIBA EuroBasket 2021 Qualifiers will be played across three windows on February 17-25, 2020, November 23 - December 1, 2020, and February 15-23, 2021 with two games played by each team in every window.

The three highest-placed teams from each group, except the groups which include FIBA EuroBasket 2021 co-hosts Czech Republic, Georgia, Germany and Italy, will qualify for the Final Round.

 In the groups containing the host nations, the host and the two other highest placed teams will qualify for the FIBA EuroBasket 2021.

FIBA EuroBasket 2021 Qualifiers Groups, Teams List.

Group A:   ROU, POL, ISR, ESP

Group B:   ITA, MKD, EST, RUS

Group C:   CZE, BEL, LTU, DEN

Group D:   CRO, NED, TUR, SWE

Group E:   FIN, GEO, SUI, SERB.

Group F:   AUT, HUN, SLO, UKR

Group G:   GER, MNE, GBR, FRA

Group H:   GRE, LAT, BIH, BUL

FIBA EuroBasket 2021 Qualifiers: Full Schedule, Dates confirmed.

A-1 Romania v Spain,      20-Feb-2020

A-2 Poland v Israel,       20-Feb-2020

B-1 Italy v Russia 20-Feb-2020

B-2 North Macedonia v Estonia,       20-Feb-2020

E-1 Finland v Serbia,       20-Feb-2020

E-2 Georgia v Switzerland,       20-Feb-2020

F-1 Austria v Ukraine,       20-Feb-2020

F-2 Hungary v Slovenia,       20-Feb-2020

C-1 Czech Republic v Denmark,       21-Feb-2020

C-2 Belgium v Lithuania,       21-Feb-2020

D-1 Croatia v Sweden,       21-Feb-2020

D-2 Turkey v Netherlands,       21-Feb-2020

G-1 Germany v France,       21-Feb-2020

G-2 Montenegro v Great Britain,       21-Feb-202

H-1 Greece v Bulgaria,        21-Feb-2020

H-2 Latvia v Bosnia and Herzegovina,         21-Feb-2020

A-3 Israel v Romania,         23-Feb-2020

A-4 Spain v Poland,         23-Feb-2020

B-3 Estonia v Italy,         23-Feb-2020

B-4 Russia v North Macedonia,         23-Feb-2020

E-3 Switzerland v Finland,         23-Feb-2020

E-4 Serbia v Georgia,         23-Feb-2020

F-3 Slovenia v Austria ,        23-Feb-2020

F-4 Ukraine v Hungary,         23-Feb-2020

C-3 Lithuania v Czech Republic,         24-Feb-2020

C-4 Denmark v Belgium ,        24-Feb-2020

D-3 Netherlands v Croatia,         24-Feb-2020

D-4 Sweden v Turkey,         24-Feb-2020

G-3 Great Britain v Germany,         24-Feb-2020

G-4 France v Montenegro,         24-Feb-2020

H-3 Bosnia and Herzegovina v Greece,         24-Feb-2020

H-4 Bulgaria v Latvia ,        24-Feb-2020

C-5 Czech Republic v Belgium ,        26-Nov-2020

C-6 Lithuania v Denmark,         26-Nov-2020

D-5 Croatia v Turkey,         26-Nov-2020

D-6 Netherlands v Sweden,         26-Nov-2020

G-5 Germany v Montenegro,         26-Nov-2020

G-6 Great Britain v France ,        26-Nov-2020

H-5 Greece v Latvia ,        26-Nov-2020

H-6 Bosnia and Herzegovina v Bulgaria,         26-Nov-2020

A-5 Romania v Poland ,        27-Nov-2020

A-6 Israel v Spain,         27-Nov-2020

B-5 Italy v North Macedonia ,        27-Nov-2020

B-6 Estonia v Russia ,        27-Nov-2020

E-5 Finland v Georgia ,        27-Nov-2020

E-6 Switzerland v Serbia ,        27-Nov-2020

F-5 Austria v Hungary,         27-Nov-2020

F-6 Slovenia v Ukraine ,        27-Nov-2020

C-7 Denmark v Czech Republic ,        29-Nov-2020

C-8 Lithuania v Belgium ,        29-Nov-2020

D-7 Sweden v Croatia ,        29-Nov-2020

D-8 Netherlands v Turkey ,        29-Nov-2020

G-7 France v Germany ,        29-Nov-2020

G-8 Great Britain v Montenegro ,        29-Nov-2020

H-7 Bulgaria v Greece ,        29-Nov-2020

H-8 Bosnia and Herzegovina v Latvia ,        29-Nov-2020

A-7 Spain v Romania ,        30-Nov-2020

A-8 Israel v Poland ,        30-Nov-2020

B-7 Russia v Italy ,        30-Nov-2020

B-8 Estonia v North Macedonia ,        30-Nov-2020

E-7 Serbia v Finland,         30-Nov-2020

E-8 Switzerland v Georgia ,        30-Nov-2020

F-7 Ukraine v Austria ,        30-Nov-2020

F-8 Slovenia v Hungary ,        30-Nov-2020

A-9 Romania v Israel ,        18-Feb-2021

A-10 Poland v Spain 18-Feb-2021

B-9 Italy v Estonia ,        18-Feb-2021

B-10 North Macedonia v Russia ,        18-Feb-2021

E-9 Finland v Switzerland ,        18-Feb-2021

E-10 Georgia v Serbia,         18-Feb-2021

F-9 Austria v Slovenia ,        18-Feb-2021

F-10 Hungary v Ukraine, 18-Feb-2021

C-9 Czech Republic v Lithuania ,        19-Feb-2021

C-10 Belgium v Denmark,         19-Feb-2021

D-9 Croatia v Netherlands,         19-Feb-2021

D-10 Turkey v Sweden ,        19-Feb-2021

G-9 Germany v Great Britain ,        19-Feb-2021

G-10 Montenegro v France ,        19-Feb-2021

H-9 Greece v Bosnia and Herzegovina,         19-Feb-2021

H-10 Latvia v Bulgaria ,        19-Feb-2021

A-11 Poland v Romania ,        21-Feb-2021

A-12 Spain v Israel ,        21-Feb-2021

B-11 North Macedonia v Italy, 21-Feb-2021

B-12 Russia v Estonia,         21-Feb-2021

E-11 Georgia v Finland,         21-Feb-2021

E-12 Serbia v Switzerland ,        21-Feb-2021

F-11 Hungary v Austria ,        21-Feb-2021

F-12 Ukraine v Slovenia ,        21-Feb-2021

C-11 Belgium v Czech Republic,         22-Feb-2021

C-12 Denmark v Lithuania,         22-Feb-2021

D-11 Turkey v Croatia ,        22-Feb-2021

D-12 Sweden v Netherlands ,        22-Feb-2021

G-11 Montenegro v Germany,         22-Feb-2021

G-12 France v Great Britain ,        22-Feb-2021

H-11 Latvia v Greece ,        22-Feb-2021

H-12 Bulgaria v Bosnia and Herzegovina ,        22-Feb-2021

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