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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Top 10 highest scoring games in NBA history, Bulls on third.

 Top 10 highest scoring NBA games by team in history, Bulls on third in List.

Most of the highest-scoring games happened before the 1995–96 season, when the average scoring (points per game) per team was always in the 100s. Until the emergence of 'small ball' in 2013, the average had dropped down to the 90s.

The 2019 NBA season saw the entry into this list with a 4 overtime game between the Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks when The Chicago Bulls beat the Atlanta Hawks 168-161 in the third-highest scoring game in NBA history.

Chicago's Zach LaVine and Atlanta's Trae Young scored career-highs of 47 and 49 respectively and Both teams also set club records for points scored in a game.

 Top 10 highest scoring NBA games by team in history, Bulls on third in List.

The highest-scoring regular season game is the triple-overtime game between the Detroit Pistons and the Denver Nuggets on December 13, 1983. The two teams combined to score 370 points.

The highest-scoring regular season game in regulation was between the Golden State Warriors and the Denver Nuggets on November 2, 1990. In that game, Golden State defeated Denver 162–158.

Another notable high scoring regular season game is a March 2, 1962 game between the Philadelphia Warriors and the New York Knicks. In that game, the Warriors' Wilt Chamberlain scored an NBA-record 100 points.

The highest-scoring playoff game is the double-overtime game between the Portland Trail Blazers and the Phoenix Suns on May 11, 1992. The two teams combined to score 304 points, with the Trail Blazers defeating the Suns 153–151.

Here is breakdown, Look at is the List of Top 10 highest scoring NBA Games in history, with the most recent  Chicago Bulls beat  Atlanta Hawks 168-161 in the third-highest scoring game in NBA history.

11 -  Boston Celtics 173-139 Minneapolis Lakers, February 27, 1959.

Total Points:  312
The Boston Celtics were on the verge of putting together the greatest dynastic run in NBA history at this point. They faced archrivals Minneapolis Lakers in the Finals in 1958 and lost a really close Finals series 4-3 to them.

The game back then was played at an ultra-frantic pace, which explains how the Celtics were able to rack up 173 points in a blowout win, despite playing in second gear for much of the game.

10 -  San Antonio Spurs 161-153 Denver Nuggets, 7th November 1990.

Total Points:  314
San Antonio Spurs star, Robinson had a game-high 43 points, despite playing only 34 minutes. Orlando Woolridge top-scored for the Nuggets with 37 points, while their second top scorer Todd Davis had 32 of his own in a game that was past them by the end of a 3rd quarter scoring barrage by the Spurs.

9 -  (tied) Phoenix Suns 173-143 Denver Nuggets, November 10 1990.

Total Points:  316
A game with a total of 316 points scored by both teams combined, the Nuggets topped it against the Phoenix Suns.
Except for this time, they got blown off the floor by a margin of 30 points in Arizona, losing in a game whose final score of 173-143 could have been a little wider if the Suns had cared about running their totals up.

8 -  (tied) Cincinnati Royals 165-151 San Diego Rockets, March 12th, 1970.

Total Points:  316
all 5 starters on the Royals ended up scoring over 20 points, with Tom van Ardale and Connie Dierking leading the team with 36 and 34 points each. By the end of the 3rd quarter, the Royals held an 18-point lead over the Rockets, which meant the contest had effectively ended. Hayes top-scored for the game with 40 points of his own.

7 - (tied) Philadelphia Warriors 169-147 New York Knicks, March 2, 1962.

Total Points:  316
A big part of Wilt Chamberlain's legend is his 1961-62 season when he averaged a frankly outrageous 50 points and 25 rebounds per game while playing 48.5 MINUTES PER GAME.
When he was close to topping his highest score of 78, and he just decided to go for it from that point on, despite the Warriors holding a 126-105 lead.

The Knicks began intentionally fouling to detract Chamberlain from reaching 100 points after he reached a total of 89 with over half of the fourth quarter remaining.

The Warriors began to keep away in order to allow Chamberlain enough time to reach the magic number, and he duly did it. within 40 seconds remaining in the game with `100th points in a game by Wilt Chamberlain.

6 - (tied) New Jersey Nets 157 - 161 Phoenix Suns, December 7, 2006.

Total Points:  318
In this game, Suns' Nash quit being racked up a game-high 42 points over the course of 4 quarters and the 2 overtime periods played. Shawn Marion had 33, Raja Bell had 24 and Amar'e had 23 points, while sixth man Leandro Barbosa scored 16 of his own.

Jason Kidd had a triple-double of 38 points, 14 rebounds, and 14 assists, while Richard Jefferson and Vince Carter piled on the scoring with 25 and 31 points respectively.

5 - (tied) Denver Nuggets 163-155 San Antonio Spurs, January 11, 1984.

Total Points:  318
Buoyed by the likes of Kiki Vandeweghe (who top-scored with 50 points in this game) and Alex English (25 points), the Nuggets were able to outlast the Spurs, who had George 'Iceman' Gervin (38 points, 9 assists) and John Lucas (23 points, 18 assists) turn in big performances.

this game ranks fourth overall in total points scored, and second amongst games with no overtime periods, all-time.

4 - Denver Nuggets 158-162 Golden State Warriors, November 2 1990.

Total Points:  320
This game was the highest-scoring non-overtime period game in the history of the NBA, with the Warriors' superior overall quality outlasting the resistance posed by the Nuggets' Orlando Woolridge (37 points).
Chris Mullin top-scored in the game with 38 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists, 5 steals, and a block, while Mitch Richmond and Tim Hardaway had 29 and 32 points respectively.

3 - Chicago Bulls 168-161 Atlanta Hawks, March 1, 2019.

Total Points:  329
 Lauri Markkanen made three free throws to give Chicago the lead for good, Zach LaVine scored a career-high 47 points, and the Bulls overcame Trae Young’s career-high 49 points to beat the host Atlanta Hawks, 168-161, in four overtimes.

 It was the third-highest combined point total for two teams in N.B.A. history, trailing only a pair of three-overtime games.

Markkanen finished with 31 points and 17 rebounds. Young, a rookie who played almost 56 minutes, had 16 assists, 8 rebounds, and 0 turnovers.

2 - San Antonio Spurs 171-166 Milwaukee Bucks, March 6, 1982.

Total Points:  337
Spurs Mike Mitchell and George Gervin played a combined 114 minutes during the game to score 45 and 50 points respectively. The Bucks' charge was led by sixth man Brian Winters.
As starter Mickey Johnson fouled out within 19 minutes of game time, Winters came into his own to score a team-high 42 points, converting 19 of his 25 field goal attempts on the way.

1 -  Denver Nuggets 184-186 Detroit Pistons, December 13 1983

Total Points:  370
This game trumps all the other games on this list, as the Pistons and Nuggets combined to score a total of 370 points over the course of 63 minutes of game time.
This is the only NBA game in history with 4 40-point scorers overall. Kiki Vandeweghe top-scored in the game with 51 points, while Alex English had 47 of his own.
The Pistons' Isiah Thomas had a team-high 47 points, and he was ably supported by John Long with 41.

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