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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Longest Straight title winners in European club football.

Who is the Longest Consecutive Title Winners in  European club football?

          Ukrainian Champions Dynamo Kiev is the Longest consecutive title winner club in European football leagues wins the seven straight title consecutively, while German Bayern Munich holds the 6 titles in a consecutively in a row.

Who is the Longest Consecutive-straight Title Winners in  European club football, dynamo kiev, bayern munich

Most  German Football Champions Bayern Munich has won the Bundesliga title 2017-18 sixth time in consecutive years.

How many other European clubs have won the retain the domestic title in two, three or Five years?

 Here are the longest-Straight consecutive title winners from Europe's top Football leagues/clubs til now-2018.

 Three straight titles | Manchester United (ENG) | 1999-2001 and 2007-2009

Four straight titles | Galatasaray (Turkey) | 1997-2000

Four straight titles | Paris Saint-Germain (FRANCE) | 2012-2016

Five straight titles | Real Madrid  (SPAIN) | 1961-1965 and 1986-1990

Five straight titles | RSC Anderlecht (BELGIUM) | 1964-1968

Five straight titles | Inter Milan ( ITALY ) | 2006-2010

Five straight titles | Porto (PORTUGAL) | 1995-1999

Six straight titles | Spartak Moscow  (RUSSIA) | 1996-2001

Six straight titles | Juventus  (ITALY) | 2012-2017

Six straight titles | Bayern Munich (GERMAN) | 2013-2018

Seven straight titles | Lyon  (FRANCE)  | 2002-2008

Nine straight titles | Dynamo Kiev  ( UKRAINE)  | 1993-2001

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