Hamilton Wins after Botta's tyre puncture and Red Bulls Crashed in Azerbaijan GP. - Sports history


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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Hamilton Wins after Botta's tyre puncture and Red Bulls Crashed in Azerbaijan GP.

Hamilton Wins after Botta's tyre puncture and Red Bulls Crashed in Azerbaijan GP.

    Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton claim his first Victory and takes the Leads in Driver's Championship in Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2018, while Kimi Raikkonen holds the 2nd position, Sergio Perez takes 3rd, Bottas is out from Azerbaijan GP at Baku.

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How Did this Happen.?

Hamilton's team-mate Valtteri Bottas was on course to win after Mercedes exploited a late wellbeing auto to bounce long-term pioneer Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari, 

Vettel Chinese GP champion.

In any case, after Vettel had discarded second place with a mix-up at the restart, Bottas endured a cut on the following lap.

His two opponents off the beaten path, Hamilton was given triumph and the title lead on a plate in the wake of looking set to complete the third.

The late wellbeing auto had been activated by a clash between the two Red Bulls, when Daniel Ricciardo hammered into the back of colleague Max Verstappen while endeavoring to go into the main corner.

There will be recriminations at Red Bull, whose drivers had shown up on the edge of a crash for a great part of the race as Ricciardo battled to pass Verstappen and the Dutchman safeguarded ideal on the edge of agreeableness, and some may state past.

The German drove from post and, after a wellbeing auto was activated by a few first-lap crashes, fabricated a three-second lead on the main hustling lap.

Hamilton couldn't exactly remain with Vettel and his expectations seemed, by all accounts, to be over when he bolted his wheels going into Turn One on lap 22.

That constrained him to stop for crisp tires and downgraded him to third place, and now there was a wait-and-see game amongst Vettel and Bottas.

Vettel and Ferrari stuck it out with a regular technique, ceasing on lap 28 for delicate tires, while Mercedes forgot Bottas seeking after a security auto period.

It came, on account of the Red Bulls, as Ricciardo cannoned into the back of Verstappen into Turn One.

As a stop under the wellbeing auto costs less time than one in hustling conditions, Bottas could develop in the number one spot.

"Truly a significant passionate race," he said. "Valtteri made such a remarkable showing with regards to an extremely merited the win. I was exceptionally blessed. It feels somewhat odd, however, I must take it."

Formula 1 Azerbijian Grand Prix 2018 Results &  Driver Standings.

1 -  Hamilton  ( 70 )    Mercedes      01:43:44.291
2 -  Kimi Rai  ( 66 )   Ferrari         01:43:46.751
3 -  Perez   ( 48 )    Force India        01:43:48.315
4 -  Vettel    ( 40 )     Ferrari            01:43:49.620
5 -  Carlos Sainz    ( 37 )    Renault         01:43:51.806
6 -  Leclerc    ( 28 )     Sauber            01:43:53.449
7 -  Alonso   ( 22 )     McLaren         01:43:55.222
8 -  Stroll     ( 18 )      Williams         01:43:56.837
9 -  Vandoorne    ( 15 )     McLaren           01:43:58.443
10 -  Hartley      ( 15 )     Toro Rosso         01:44:02.321

Whats Next in Formula 1...?

F1 comes back to Europe in two weeks' the ideal opportunity for the Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday 13 May at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Track, where everybody will have updates to their autos and Mercedes will try to topple Ferrari's undeniable pace advantage.

Here is the Complete Schedule of Formula 1 2018 Season.

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