NFL Super Bowl Locations Stadiums, Host cities since 1967 - Sports history


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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

NFL Super Bowl Locations Stadiums, Host cities since 1967

NFL Super Bowl Locations Stadiums, Host cities, venues List by Year since 1967-2021.

The Super Bowl is an annual American football game that determines the champion of the National Football League (NFL).
The game culminates a season that begins in the previous calendar year and is the conclusion of the NFL playoffs.
Since 1971, the winner of the American Football Conference (AFC) Championship Game has faced the winner of the National Football Conference (NFC) Championship Game in the culmination of the NFL playoffs.

NFL Super Bowl , locations, stadiums, venues, host cities, list, year wise.

NFL Super Bowl Past Champions-Winners List by Years ...

NFL Super Bowl Past & Futures Locations List by Year.

NFL Super Bowl Past & Futures Stadiums List by Year.

NFL Super Bowl Past & Futures Host Cities List by Year.

NFL Super Bowl Past & Futures Venues List by Year.

A Full Guide to the NFL Super Bowl Past & Futures Locations Stadiums, Host cities & Venues List by Year ...

IJan. 15, 1967Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
IIJan. 14, 1968Orange Bowl (Miami) 
IIIJan. 12, 1969Orange Bowl (Miami)
IVJan. 11, 1970Tulane Stadium (New Orleans) 
VJan. 17, 1971Orange Bowl (Miami) 
VIJan. 16, 1972Tulane Stadium (New Orleans)
VIIJan. 14, 1973Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
VIIIJan. 13, 1974Rice Stadium (Houston)
IXJan. 12, 1975Tulane Stadium (New Orleans)
XJan. 18, 1976Orange Bowl (Miami)
XIJan. 9, 1977Rose Bowl (Pasadena, California)
XIIJan. 15, 1978Superdome (New Orleans) 
XIIIJan. 21, 1979Orange Bowl (Miami) 
XIVJan. 20, 1980Rose Bowl (Pasadena, California) 
XVJan. 25, 1981Superdome (New Orleans) 
XVIJan. 24, 1982Silverdome (Pontiac, Michigan) 
XVIIJan. 30, 1983Rose Bowl (Pasadena, Calif.) 
XVIIIJan. 22, 1984Tampa (Florida) Stadium
XIXJan. 20, 1985Stanford (California) Stadium
XXJan. 26, 1986Superdome (New Orleans)
XXIJan. 25, 1987Rose Bowl (Pasadena, California)
XXIIJan. 31, 1988Jack Murphy Stadium (San Diego)
XXIIIJan. 22, 1989Joe Robbie Stadium (Miami)
XXIVJan. 28, 1990Superdome (New Orleans)
XXVJan. 27, 1991Tampa (Florida) Stadium
XXVIJan. 26, 1992Metrodome (Minneapolis)
XXVIIJan. 31, 1993Rose Bowl (Pasadena, California)
XXVIIIJan. 30, 1994Georgia Dome (Atlanta)
XXIXJan. 29, 1995Joe Robbie Stadium (Miami)
XXXJan. 28, 1996Sun Devil Stadium (Tempe, Arizona)
XXXIJan. 26, 1997Superdome (New Orleans)
XXXIIJan. 25, 1998Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego)
XXXIIIJan. 31, 1999Pro Player Stadium (Miami)
XXXIVJan. 30, 2000Georgia Dome (Atlanta)
XXXVJan. 28, 2001Raymond James Stadium (Tampa, Florida)
XXXVIFeb. 3, 2002Superdome (New Orleans)
XXXVIIJan. 26, 2003Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego)
XXXVIIIFeb. 1, 2004Reliant Stadium (Houston)
XXXIXFeb. 6, 2005Alltel Stadium (Jacksonville, Florida)
XLFeb. 5, 2006Ford Field (Detroit)
XLIFeb. 4, 2007Dolphin Stadium (Miami)
XLIIFeb. 3, 2008University of Phoenix Stadium (Glendale, Arizona)
XLIIIFeb. 1, 2009Raymond James Stadium (Tampa, Florida)
XLIVFeb. 7, 2010Sun Life Stadium (Miami)
XLVFeb. 6, 2011Cowboys Stadium (Arlington, Texas)
XLVIFeb. 5, 2012Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis)
XLVIIFeb. 3, 2013Mercedes-Benz Superdome (New Orleans)
XLVIIIFeb. 2, 2014MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, New Jersey)
XLIXFeb. 1, 2015University of Phoenix Stadium (Glendale, Arizona)
50Feb. 7, 2016Levi's Stadium (Santa Clara, California.)
LIFeb. 5, 2017NRG Stadium (Houston)
LIIFeb. 4, 2018US Bank stadium (Minneapolis)
LIIIFeb. 3, 2019Mercedes Benz Stadium (Atlanta)
LIVFeb. 2, 2020Hard rock Stadium (Miami Gardens, Florida)
 LVFeb, 7, 2021 Raymond & James Stadium (Tampa, Florida) 
 LVI Feb, 2, 2022 Los Angeles Stadium (California)
 LVIIFeb, 2023  Glendale, State Farm Stadium (Arizona)
 LVIII Feb, 2024 TBD
 LVI Feb, 2025 Mercedes Benzs Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana

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