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Friday, December 22, 2017

How eSports games become the fastest growing eSports Industry in the World .

How eSports games become the fastest growing eSports Industry in the World. . ...

Main Contents : 

  • What is eSports -- eSports Definition .
  • Early History of eSports. 
  • Is eSports a Real Sport. 
  • The eSports Industry growth & Media Coverage. 
  • Women in eSports games-tournaments. 
  • The Rise of eSports in the Modern World.
  • Top 10 Most Popular eSports games in the World.
  • eSports Viewership State in Numbers.

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What is eSports -- eSports Definition .

eSports is known as Electronic sports, competitive Vidoe gaming or Pro gaming. It is a form of video gaming competition. The many players take part in playing video games in the Professional competition
 eSports encompass any video game that may be played via multiple people – sports activities games, war video games, combating video games, and so on. – in a competitive, tournament-style setting.

Many people that take part in video gaming. With the Improvement of Technology, com video gamers are beginning to exhibit indistinguishable athletic properties from traditional sports athlete.

 The idea of computer games has also changed. Rather than playing computer games recreationally, individuals are beginning to play computer games intensely in competitions format that nearly look like traditional sports & games tournaments.

Early History of eSports.

The first video gaming tournament held in 1972 at Stanford University's Artificial Laboratory,
in which a few students played out a space gaming against one another.

In 1980, Atari the organized the first large-scale gaming} competition called the Invaders Championship event,  which captured the 10,000 individual people from around America.

 Within the 1990s, at the arrival of the internet, found large eSports competitions sprouting throughout the world.
 This tendency continued to expand till the 2000s, which also starting point of televised eSports in South Korea, the UK and eventually the USA, where ESPN has broadcasted March Madden NFL tournaments.

Is eSports a Real Sport.?

“The     eSports    competition is set up in a great deal the same way that a traditional athletic match would be, in a match setting,” Accord. to a esports researcher.
“The surroundings and the environment, the things we love about essential sports tournaments, can be very similar to a traditional event. you've got comparable marketing components and sponsorships. The simplest aspect is that alternatively of getting people going for walks around a music or taking pictures a ball into a hoop, you've got them sitting around playing video games on a huge display screen.

The  eSports leagues    have specific rules, play distinctive games, rank professionals accordingly and have competitions and competitions. The steady angle all through the eSports Leagues is that the contenders play computer video games and the competitors that win matches constantly could advance to a Pro. level.

Video games taking part in as a sport is Still questionable, numerous people expressing that eSports won't be a "true sport."
 Others say the competent execution, planning, specific timing and hand-eye coordination necessary for competitive, video gaming are the main aspects which make it a real sport.
Off course for College Football Athlete, Soccer, basketball, Baseball or for a Tennis player is so hard to consider it as a Real Sport.

The eSports Industry growth & Media Coverage.

Countries have begun to recognize professional gamers as athletes. In the United States, professional gamers can obtain P-1 visas, which are given to athletes.
In South Korea, the Korea e-Sports Association (KeSPA) is recognized by the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee (KeSPA, n.d.). KeSPA regulates athlete’s amateur and professional status.
The recognition of professional gamers grew in South Korea that the South Korean Air Force had an eSports team when professional gamers had to do compulsory military service. By seeing these seeing these examples eSports should be recognized as a sport.

According to a gaming market analyst, the number of people who watch eSports – both occasional viewers and enthusiasts – will rise to 427 million globally by 2019.

A number of the popular sports games played in eSports tournaments are the Madden series of NFL games and the NBA 2K competitions.
The competitions have turned out to be exceptionally well known among players and visitors around the globe.

eSports have also received popularity on the collegiate & university level,
where this year the Big Ten Network declared it would have organized the season of computer video games between the Conference member schools.
Additionally, eSports have also gained significant media coverage from ESPN, Yahoo!, Sport1 and others.

Women in eSports games.

A typical misinterpretation is that computer games are only for men. According to the Pew Research Center, 48% of female play computer games in the United States in different eSports tournaments.
The Entertainment Software Association (2016) has found, women over the 18 years old constitute a bigger part of the gaming community than young men 18 years. The women contenders that are playing computer video games keep on upward thrust, as reported by Newzoo.
 Female gamers expanded 70% from 2011-2014, 18 million to 30.3 million (Harwell, 2014).There is an absence of information to represent the actual number of women's that are presently taking part in eSports games, tournaments,  however, females are beginning to have an effect on the game.

The Rise of eSports industry in the Modern World.

Today, the eSports development has been allowed authenticity by Pro. games associations.
As of late, 17 NBA groups declared plans to take an interest in the inaugural period of the NBA 2K eSports event, set to make a big first appearance in 2018. It'll be the 1st eSports tournament held by a United States-based Pro. games association.

Major names just like NBA Teams, New York Nicks, & Chicago Bulls are interested & also taking part in the eSports tournaments.

On a worldwide scale, supporters are pushing to have eSports perceived as an Olympic game. In April, the Asian Olympic Council introduced plans to present eSports as an indicative sport in the 2018 Asian Games and to make it a Medal Sport in 2022 in Hangzhou, China.

Even as eSports may never be perceived by a few Supporters of Traditional games, But there is no denying that this tendency will keep on growing eSports tournaments worldwide for future years.

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Top 10 Most Popular eSports games in the World.

Here is the List of Top 10
  most popular eSports games in the world 2017.

Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2)
League of Legends  (LoL)
Counter-Strike Global Offensive  (CS 2 Go)
Start Craft II

Heroes of Strom
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare (CoD)
Street Fighters. Melee. World of Tanks.

eSports Viewership State in Numbers. <

According to the Statistical reports of    Statistica ,    Stats Report &   eSports marketing blog, the number of eSports viewers in different eSports tournaments has tremendously increased with great proportion, some examples are here.

The eSports Growth Statistics are briefly stated here . 

  • League of Legends (LoL) World Championship 2016 unique viewers 43 million.
  • Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2017 unique visitors are 46 millions.
  • Dreamhack masters malmö 2017 unique viewers are 31 million.
  • ESL One Hamburg  2017 unique visitors are 25 million.
  • Intel extreme masters Oakland 2017 viewers are 10.8 million..

Conclusions, Sum up: 

This eSports article describes  What is eSports or its Definitions,  & also highlight is importance in the present era, & how the Rise of eSports is increased during the short span of time, & also the recognition of eSports as a Real Sports.
It also narrates that women in eSports taking part actively during last 4-5 years, &   also increasing day by day not only in the USA but across the World.  Playing Video games don't require a specific gender, sex, or label.

It is also discussed that the eSports also becoming the huge crowd - viewers sport throughout the Globe. Some of the major US Sports brands are participating in the eSports that are the Key of eSports importance in the USA. 

 South Korea is the major country where eSports league eSports games, & eSports tournaments are organized.
The eSPorts Viewership is briefly stated, how eSports games are getting popularity in the world.
A just video game Legend of Leagues also famous as LOL, LOL World championship 2016 captured nearly 36 million unique viewers around the world.

At the End, it's not wrong to say, that soon eSports are also become or Recognize as Olympic sport & also have huge viewers around the world than NFL Super Bowl,  NBA Finals,  NCAA Basketball March Madness or FIFA World Cup ...

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