All Types/Kinds of Sports & Games List.

All Types/Kinds of Sports and Games List, Individually vs Teams...

In Modern Era there are
Many kinds of International Sports & Games are Played around the World, It might be played with ball or Rackets or played Ground-pitch or soft - hard courts... 

Sports are physical, Mental activities involving feats of strength, agility, dexterity, etc. that seek to pit opponents against each other for the sake of competition.

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Here are complete List of Individuals Sports, Team Sports list,  Ball sports, Track & Field, Air Sports & Games, Equestrian Sports-Games, Combat sports, Mixed Martial arts, Racquet sports-games, Gymnastics games, Aquatic-Water sports & games, Target sports-games List.....

Individual sports Games List, Examples.

An individual sport is a sport in which individual players are participated or compete for playing the game.

Boxing      Bowling   Bowls    Canoeing   

  Caving      Crossfit      Croquet      Running,,

Cycling      Darts      Dance    Disc   

  Golf      Diving     Equestrian     Fencing   

 Figure Skating     Gymnastics    Knife throwing       Mixed martial arts     

 Orienteering        Pool Power lifting           Racquetball         Rock climbing       

   Rowing      Sailing     Shooting       Skiing       

  Skim-boarding          Snowboarding           Snooker        Speed skating   

 Sport stacking           Squash          Surfing          Skateboarding

Swimming          Table Tennis        Table Football,    T'ai chi ch'uan   

Tenpin     bowling Tennis       Wrestling          Jump Rope

Teams/Group Sports and Games List, Example...

A team sport involves two or more players working together towards a common purpose. A team sport is an activity in which individuals are organized into opposing teams which compete to win.

For Example Basketball and related sports like Bat and ball games     

Bowling         Basque       Pelota Bunnock          Camogie         

Football - & related sport            Gateball   Gaelic football

Handball           Hardcourt       Bike Polo       Hockey - & related sport         

Horseshoe Hurling         Kickball         Lacrosse       

Newcomb ball Polo       Paintball       Quidditch Ringette         

Rowing       Sepak   takraw       Ultimate- sport (Flying Disc)     

Underwater football     Woodsman         Volleyball

Ball Sports & Games with Example...

Ball Sport - games involving some type of ball or similar object. In this Individuals or teams sports played by throwing or hitting a solid or inflated ball.

Baseball         Basketball         Bowling         Cricket       

   Fistball           Football       Golf        Handball     

 Volleyball       Kurfball      Lacrosse         Netball     

 Polo      Rugby         Squash       Softball         Snooker        Hockey (Field & Ice Hockey)         

Underwater -sports         Water polo

Combat sports: wrestling and martial arts sports List

A combat sport is a competitive contact sport where two players fight against each other using certain rules & Regulations...

Aikido ,    Jujutsu,      Judo,     Sumo (Jp),   

 Wrestling ,     Boxing ,      Karate ,     Kung- Fu,     

  Taekwondo,         Mixed martial arts (MMA),        Fencing ,      Kyūdō ,

Kendo ,           Kickboxing.

Racquet (or racket) sports Games, Examples. 

Sports where a player uses a racquet (or racket) to hit a ball or other objects. Racket sports are games in which players use rackets to hit a ball or other object.

   Badminton,    Table tennis,      Tennis,     Racquetball,      Squash,

Gymnastics Games, Examples :

Acrobatic gymnastics,     Aerobic gymnastics,      Artistic gymnastics,      Juggling,

Rhythmic gymnastics,      Rope jumping ,      Trampolining,     

Trapeze, Tumbling..

Aquatic & Nautical Sports-Games..

Sports and recreational activities that take place in or on water.         

Water polo, Diving,       Swimming,       Sailing,       

 Sailboard,        Canoeing,       kayaking: Whitewater,         Rowing and Sculling,       

 Flatwater racing,       Water skiing,      Surfing,     

 Scuba diving ,         Rafting,

Equestrian Sports

Sports practiced by a rider on a horse; they include competitions of skill, speed and endurance and team games.    

         Buzkashi,           show-jumping,        riding, dressage,           horse racing,   

 Turf,        horse racing,     harness racing,     Polo..    

Athletics (track and field) Games..

Pole vault,    Steeplechase,     Cross country,    Jumping,   

 Triple jump,    Long jump, High jump,     Pole vault,   

Throwing,    Discus,    Hammer throw,     Javelin,   

Shot put, Racewalking.


Leisure activities that are played according to established rules and require intelligence, skill and luck.

      dice and dominoes,    cards,    board games,    jigsaw puzzle,   

mah-jongg,    video entertainment system,    darts, roulette table,    slot machine,    soccer table

Air sports-Games

Sports or leisure activities done in the air using specialized apparatus and equipments.

Aerobatics ,    Air racing,      Ballooning,     Wingsuit flying,   

  Gliding,       Parachuting,   Paragliding,      Powered paragliding,   

Paramotoring,   Ultralight aviation ..

Target & Accurate Sports-Games

Sports whose objective is to hit a target of various shapes and sizes (such as a pocket, hole, jack or bowling pin) using various means (such as a bow, firearm, billiard cue, ball or club).

Archery,   Shotgun Shooting,    Rifle shooting,    Pistol shooting,   

Billiards,    Lawn- bowling,   Bowling,      Golf,   

 Cue sports,     Darts,    Pétanque . ...