List of UEFA Women's Euro Champions, All-Time winners, history - Sports history


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Monday, March 1, 2021

List of UEFA Women's Euro Champions, All-Time winners, history

UEFA Women's Euro Winners, All-time Champions List from 1984.

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UEFA Women's Euro: brief history, stats, facts, most wins.

The UEFA European Women's Championship also known as UEFA Women's Euro, held every fourth year under the UEFA Confed...
The first officially women championship was held in 1984 & the winning team is Sweden...
German Women National Football Team have the most successful, who have won the UEFA Women's Euro title 8th times, & 6 times consecutively (1995-2013)...
There are 16 teams playing in the UEFA Women's Euro onward 2017...
The Top goal scorer of UEFA Women's Euro (Championship) is Inka Grings, Birgit Prinz (GER) both have 10th goals...
Current Champion-winning team of Women's Euro 2017 is Netherlands (Dutch) team who beat Denmark in the final score 4-2. who won the women euro maiden title...

UEFA Women's Euro Champions, All-Time winners history from 1984 - 2021

UEFA Women's Euro (Championship) All-Time Champions- Winners teams List & Past Finals-results Since 1983-84...   

UEFA Women's Euro 1984
Sweden 4–3 (ps) England

UEFA Women's Euro 1987
Norway 2–1 Sweden

UEFA Women's Euro 1989
West Germany 4–1 Norway

UEFA Women's Euro 1991
Germany 3–1 (a.e.t.) Norway

UEFA Women's Euro 1993
Norway 1–0 Italy

UEFA Women's Euro 1995
Germany 3–2 Sweden

UEFA Women's Euro 1997
Germany 2–0 Italy

UEFA Women's Euro 2001
Germany 1–0 (gg) Sweden

UEFA Women's Euro 2005
Germany 3–1 Norway

UEFA Women's Euro 2009
Germany 6–2 England

UEFA Women's Euro 2013
Germany 1–0 Norway

UEFA Women's Euro 2017
Netherlands 4–2 Denmark

When is the UEFA Women's Euro 2022: start dates, schedule, fixtures.

The 2022 UEFA European Women's Championship, commonly referred to as UEFA Women's Euro 2022, will be the 13th edition of the UEFA Women's Championship.

It will be the second edition since it was expanded to 16 teams. The final tournament will be hosted by England and was originally scheduled to take place in summer 2021, BUT NOW

the tournament was rescheduled and will take place from 6 to 31 July 2022. 
England last hosted the tournament in 2005, the last edition featuring eight teams.

The Netherlands will be the defending champions, England will be the host team, and Northern Ireland will participate in a UEFA Women's Euro competition for the first time.

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