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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Who Won the Most Arnold Classic, Past Champions..

Arnold Classic Sports Festival Previous Winners List.  

 Dexter Jackson won the most titles of Arnold Classic award are 5th times in history, & Arnold Classic 2018 final results-winner is William Bonac 

Arnold Classic, Sports Festival, past, champions, Winners, by year, List.

Arnold Classic Sports Festival history & Facts-figures. 

  • Arnold Classic also famous as Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival is an annual multi-sport unit consisting of Bodybuilding (Arnold Classic), figure, fitness, bikini etc. This sports festival was established in 1989 named after Arnold Schwarzenegger by IFBB.
  •    The first winner of Arnold Classic was Rich Gaspari in 1989 at Ohio, USA.    
  • The main sports festival was organized at the start of March in Columbus, Ohio, USA, by IFBB. It is the 2nd most prestigious unit in professional bodybuilding, figures, Bikini. 
  • Arnold Classic event now also held in Australia, Spain, Brazil, South Africa, Hong Kong
  •      The most winning title of Arnold Classic Bodybuilding by Dexter Jackson is 5th times in Arnold Classic history, lead by Flex Wheeler won the title 4th time and Jay Cutler-Kai-Greene with 3rd-time title winners.
  • Arnold Classic 2016 winner is Kai Greene & Arnold Classic 2017 winner-champion is Cedric McMillan
  • Arnold Classic 2018 Champions-winner is William Bonac.

Here are all Champions-winners, results, history of Arnold Classic Sports Festival since 1989.

1989          Rich Gaspari

           Mike Ashley

Shawn Ray

Vince Taylor

1993          Flex Wheeler

1994          Kevin Levrone

1995          Mike Francois

1996          Kevin Levrone

1997          Flex Wheeler

1998          Flex Wheeler

1999          Nasser El Sonbaty

2000          Flex Wheeler

2001          Ronnie Coleman

2002          Jay Cutler

2003          Jay Cutler

2004          Jay Cutler

2005          Dexter Jackson

2006          Dexter Jackson

2007          Victor Martinez

2008          Dexter Jackson

2009          Kai Greene

2010          Kai Greene

2011          Branch Warren

2012          Branch Warren

2013          Dexter Jackson

2014          Dennis Wolf

2015          Dexter Jackson

2016          Kai Greene

2017          Cedric McMillan

2018:        William Bonac


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