Premier League Winners List, PL 2021 ManCity historic champions - Sports history


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Monday, May 17, 2021

Premier League Winners List, PL 2021 ManCity historic champions

English Football League & Premier League Champions: EPL Winners, history through the years.

The Most successful club of English Premier League is Manchester United have won the titles 20 times overall and 13th title winners in English Football since the Premier League Inaugural season in 1991/92.

Pep Guardiola's side secured the 5th Premier League title after Manchester United were beaten at home by Leicester City to go 10 points adrift of the leaders ManCity with three games to spare..

 Manchester City secured a fifth Premier League title and seventh English league title overall; it was also the City club's third title in the last four seasons.

Manchester City has won their 5th Premier League title 2020-21 by overtaking City rivals Manchester United's in just TEN EPL seasons  - only Manchester United (13) and Chelsea (5) have ever won more titles in the Premier league competition.


Manchester City has gone ahead of the Arsenal's title-winning in EPL, winning the 5th Premier League title in 10 seasons.

English Premier League, epl, BPL, Champions, winners, clubs,  teams, by year, stats.

English Premier League winning brief history & stats-facts.

  • Premier League known as English Premier League (EPL) is an English Men's Clubs football competition among the top 20 compete for each through points system a winner is selected. 
  • The initial form of EPL is "Football League" competition was started in 1888 goes to 1892, then it was changed as "Football League First Division" from 1892 to 1992. And since 1992 to present it is in the current form of English Premier League (EPL). 
  • The record No. of points accumulated-relegated by a team is 95 by Chelsea, who won the EPL in 2004–05.
  • The 1st English Premier League season won by Manchester United over Aston Villa in 1992.
  • Most Premier League title winners are won by Manchester United are 20 times, Liverpool won the title 19th times, Arsenal has won the EPL title 13th times, Chelsea has 5th titles
  • The top goal scorer of EPL is Alan Shearer has 260 goals, 441 Apps.  
  • The previous winners-champions of  English Premier league 2019-20 is Liverpool FC

Who Won the Most titles of English Football, Most Premier League winning teams.?

The Most dominate club of English Premier League is Manchester United who won the most titles 20 times overall and 13th title winners in English Football since the Premier League Inaugural season begins in 1991/92.

 Man United's rivals Liverpool FC are second with 19 titles. Liverpool dominated during the 1970s and 1980s (winning eleven league titles). 

 Arsenal are third with 13 titles, having dominated during the 1930s (five league titles 1931 - 1938). Everton are fourth with nine titles. 
Aston Villa & Manchester City  (seven) and Sunderland (six) secured the most of their titles before World War I. 
 Manchester City have won five league titles between 2012 and 2021, whilst Chelsea won five titles between 2005 and 2017..

All-Time Premier League Winners List, Past champions since 1992-2021.

Here is the complete List past Winners-champions of English Premier League (EPL), which also includes the Past Winners Since 2000. 

English Premier League- EPL Past Champions-Winners History table.

             Winner          Runner-up

2022-23        __     Champions----runners-up.       

2021-22        __     Champions----runners-up.       

2020–21        __      Manchester City        __      Manchester United

2019-20              Liverpool FC        __      Manchester City

2018-19          Manchester City    --     Liverpool FC

2017-18              Manchester City     -    Manchester United

2016-17              Chelsea               Tottenham Hotspur

2015/2016          Leicester City           Arsenal

2014/2015          Chelsea           Manchester City

2013/2014           Manchester City           Liverpool

2012/2013          Manchester United           Manchester City

2011/2012          Manchester City           Manchester United

2010/2011           Manchester United           Chelsea

2009/2010          Chelsea           Manchester United

2008/2009          Manchester United           Liverpool

2007/2008          Manchester United           Chelsea

2006/2007          Manchester United           Chelsea

2005/2006          Chelsea           Manchester United

2004/2005          Chelsea           Arsenal

2003/2004          Arsenal           Chelsea

2002/2003           Manchester United           Arsenal

2001/2002          Arsenal           Liverpool

2000/2001          Manchester United           Arsenal

1999/2000          Manchester United           Arsenal

1998/1999           Manchester United           Arsenal

1997/1998          Arsenal           Manchester United

1996/1997          Manchester United           Newcastle United

1995/1996          Manchester United           Newcastle United

1994/1995          Blackburn Rovers           Manchester United

1993/1994          Manchester United           Blackburn Rovers

1992/1993           Manchester United           Aston Villa

           English Football League 1st Division

1991/1992          Leeds United           Manchester United

1990/1991          Arsenal           Liverpool

1989/1990          Liverpool           Aston Villa

1988/1989          Arsenal           Liverpool

1987/1988           Liverpool           Manchester United

1986/1987          Everton           Liverpool

1985/1986          Liverpool           Everton

1984/1985          Everton           Liverpool

1983/1984          Liverpool           Southampton

1982/1983          Liverpool           Watford

1981/1982          Liverpool           Ipswich Town

1980/1981           Aston Villa           Ipswich Town

1979/1980          Liverpool           Manchester United

1978/1979          Liverpool           Nottingham Forest

1977/1978           Nottingham Forest           Liverpool

1976/1977           Liverpool           Manchester City

1975/1976           Liverpool           Queens Park Rangers

1974/1975           Derby County           Liverpool

1973/1974           Leeds United           Liverpool

1972/1973          Liverpool           Arsenal

1971/1972           Derby County           Leeds United

1970/1971          Arsenal           Leeds United

1969/1970           Everton           Leeds United

1968/1969           Leeds United           Liverpool

1967/1968           Manchester City           Manchester United

1966/1967           Manchester United           Nottingham Forest

1965/1966          Liverpool           Leeds United

1964/1965           Manchester United           Leeds United

1963/1964           Liverpool           Manchester United

1962/1963           Everton           Tottenham Hotspur

1961/1962          Ipswich           Town Burnley

1960/1961          Tottenham Hotspur           Sheffield Wednesday

1959/1960           Burnley           Wolverhampton Wanderers

1958/1959           Wolverhampton Wanderers           Manchester United

1957/1958           Wolverhampton Wanderers           Preston North End

1956/1957           Manchester United           Tottenham Hotspur

1955/1956           Manchester United           Blackpool

1954/1955          Chelsea           Wolverhampton Wanderers

1953/1954          Wolverhampton Wanderers           W. Bromwich Albion

1952/1953           Arsenal           Preston North End

1951/1952          Manchester United           Tottenham Hotspur

1950/1951          Tottenham Hotspur           Manchester United

1949/1950          Portsmouth           Wolverhampton Wanderers

1948/1949          Portsmouth           Manchester United

1947/1948          Arsenal           Manchester United

1946/1947          Liverpool           Manchester United

1938/1939          Everton           Wolverhampton Wanderers

1937/1938          Arsenal           Wolverhampton Wanderers

1936/1937          Manchester City           Charlton Athletic

1935/1936          Sunderland           Derby County

1934/1935          Arsenal           Sunderland

1933/1934          Arsenal           Huddersfield Town

1932/1933          Arsenal           Aston Villa

1931/1932          Everton           Arsenal

1930/1931          Arsenal           Aston Villa

1929/1930          Sheffield Wednesday           Derby County

1928/1929          Sheffield Wednesday           Leicester City

1927/1928           Everton           Huddersfield Town

1926/1927           Newcastle United           Huddersfield Town

1925/1926          Huddersfield Town           Arsenal

1924/1925           Huddersfield Town           West Bromwich Albion

1923/1924           Huddersfield Town           Cardiff City

1922/1923          Liverpool           Sunderland

1921/1922          Liverpool           Tottenham Hotspur

1920/1921           Burnley           Manchester City

1919/1920           West Bromwich Albion           Burnley

1914/1915          Everton           Oldham Athletic

1913/1914           Blackburn Rovers           Aston Villa

1912/1913          Sunderland           Aston Villa

1911/1912          Blackburn Rovers           Everton

1910/1911          Manchester United           Aston Villa

1909/1910           Aston Villa           Liverpool

1908/1909          Newcastle United           Everton

1907/1908           Manchester United           Aston Villa

1906/1907           Newcastle United           Bristol City

1905/1906          Liverpool           Preston North End

1904/1905          Newcastle United           Everton

1903/1904          Sheffield Wednesday           Manchester City

1902/1903          Sheffield Wednesday           Aston Villa

1901/1902          Sunderland           Everton

1900/1901          Liverpool           Sunderland

1899/1900           Aston Villa           Sheffield United

1898/1899          Aston Villa           Liverpool

1897/1898          Sheffield United           Sunderland

1896/1897          Aston Villa           Sheffield United

1895/1896          Aston Villa           Derby County

1894/1895          Sunderland           Everton

1893/1894          Aston Villa           Sunderland

1892/1893           Sunderland           Preston North End

           Football League 

1891/1892          Sunderland           Preston North End

1890/1891          Everton           Preston North End

1889/1890          Preston North End           Everton

1888/1889          Preston North End           Aston Villa

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