Men's World Handball Championships Winners Since 1938. - Sports history


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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Men's World Handball Championships Winners Since 1938.

World Handball Championships Champions List.  

World Men's Handball championship 2017 hosted by France also Won the most 6th titles & most medals won by Sweden of World Men's Handball championships history.  

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Brief History of World Men's Handball Championship History .

The Handball men's world cup-championship (indoor) was started by the International handball Federation ( IHF ) in 1938 at Germany. After the first competition in 1938 there had a long time 16 years to start a 2nd unit of Handball World Cup in 1954 at Sweden.   

In the IHF World Men;s Handball World Cup - Championship (indoor) history the competition were dominated by european countries till 2015, lator Handball championship 2015 medal won by Non-euro Handball team Qatar.

Recently the group system in world championship have been removed & now the knock system has been applied after the preliminary round.  

The current-recent Indoor IHF Handball men's world cup-championship 2017, 2015 winners is France National team, Handball championship 2013 winners is Spain, & again men's Handball world  championship 2009, 2013 won by France National team. 

The most winning titles of  Men's Handball world cup - championship history by France are 6th times and on 2nd Sweden & Romania won the titles 4th times.The Most medals winnings by the Sweden national team in Men's Handball world cup - championship history.

All World Handball Championship Winners - Champions since 1938 indoor-outdoor. 

2023   IHF World Men's Handball World Cup - Championship will be host by Poland - Sweden. 

2021   IHF World Men's Handball World Cup - Championship will be host by Egypt.

2019   IHF World Men's Handball World Cup - Championship will be host by Germany, Denmark    

2017   IHF World Men's Handball World Cup - Championship-Winner team is France, beat the Norway in the final, score as 33-23..... 

2001France28-25 after extra timeSweden
1990Sweden27-23Soviet Union
1982Soviet Union30-27 after extra timeYugoslavia
1978West Germany20-19Soviet Union
1974Romania14-12East Germany
1970Romania13-12 after second extra timeEast Germany
1961Romania9-8 after second extra timeCzechoslovakia
1954Sweden17-14West Germany
1938Germanyno final  (Round robin)Austria

All Outdoor Men's Handball World championship Winners

1938 --Host -- Germany-- Champion-- Germany

1948 -- Host -- France  -- Champion-- Sweden 

1952 -- Host -- Switzerland -- Champion-- Germany

1955 -- Host -- F. republic of Germany -- Champion-- F. republic of Germany

1959 -- Host -- Austria -- Champion-- Germany

1963 -- Host -- Switzerland -- Champion-- East German

1966 -- Host -- Austria -- Champion-- F. republic of Germany

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