Men's Handball Championships Winners, Denmark Again 2021 champions - Sports history


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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Men's Handball Championships Winners, Denmark Again 2021 champions

IHF Men's World Handball Championships Champions List, All-Time Winners, History.

Winning demands a lot more than just hard world, it took Endurance, persistence and dedication to the game for the long run, That's the Scandinavian side had all of it.

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For the second time in a row, Denmark won the IHF World Men's Handball Championship, and their second ever with a final score of 26:24.

The Denmark win over Sweden also sealed a record-breaking 19-game winning streak at the IHF Men’s World Championship 2021, as the Scandinavian side won both their world titles – 2019 and 2021 – without dropping a game.

It was a special occasion for Denmark, who celebrated their second world title in a row, becoming only the second team after France to defend the IHF Men’s World Championship title in the last 47 years.

 In the All previous twenty-six tournaments held, eleven different nations have won the title. France is the most successful team with most six titles, followed by Sweden and Romania with four titles each.

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Brief History of World Men's Handball Championship, stats, facts.

The Handball men's world cup-championship (indoor) was started by the International Handball Federation ( IHF ) in 1938 in Germany. After the first competition in 1938, there had a long time 16 years to start the 2nd unit of the Handball World Cup in 1954 in Sweden.

In the IHF World Men's Handball World Cup - Championship (indoor) history the competition was dominated by European countries till 2015, later Handball championship 2015 medal won by Non-euro Handball team Qatar.

Recently the group system in world championship has been removed & now the knock system has been applied after the preliminary round.

The current-recent Indoor IHF Handball men's world cup-championship 2019 winners is Denmark National team.

This was the first time IHF World Men's Handball Championship to include more than one host country.
It was also the first time a unified Korean team participated

The most winning titles of Men's Handball world cup - championship history by France are 6th times and followed by Sweden & Romania won the titles 4th times.

The Most medals winnings by the pair teams France & Sweden national team in Men's Handball world cup - championship history.

All-Time World Handball Championship Winners - Past Champions since 1938 - 2021.

2023 IHF World Men's Handball World Cup - Championship will be host by Poland - Sweden.

2021       Denmark   26 - 24  Sweden

2019          Denmark   31–22   Norway

2017          France   33–26   Norway

2015         France   25-22   Qatar

 2013      Spain   35-19   Denmark

 2011       France   37-35   Denmark

 2009      France   24-19   Croatia

 2007      Germany   29-24   Poland

 2005      Spain   40-34   Croatia

 2003      Croatia   34-31   Germany

 2001      France   28-25   after extra time Sweden

 1999      Sweden   25-24   Russia

 1997      Russia   23-21   Sweden

 1995      France   23-19   Croatia

 1993       Russia   28-19   France

 1990       Sweden   27-23   Soviet Union

 1986      Yugoslavia   24-22   Hungary

 1982      Soviet Union   30-27   after extra time Yugoslavia

 1978      West Germany   20-19   Soviet Union

 1974      Romania   14-12   East Germany

 1970      Romania   13-12   after second extra time East Germany

 1967      Czechoslovakia   14-11   Denmark

 1964      Romania   25-22   Sweden

 1961      Romania   9-8   after second extra time Czechoslovakia

 1958      Sweden    22-12   Czechoslovakia 1954 Sweden 17-14 West Germany

 1938      Germany   no final (Round robin)   Austria

All Outdoor Men's Handball World Championship Winners

1938 --Host -- Germany-- Champion-- Germany

1948 -- Host -- France -- Champion-- Sweden

1952 -- Host -- Switzerland -- Champion-- Germany

1955 -- Host -- F. republic of Germany -- Champion-- F. Republic of Germany

1959 -- Host -- Austria -- Champion-- Germany

1963 -- Host -- Switzerland -- Champion-- East German

1966 -- Host -- Austria -- Champion-- F. Republic of Germany

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