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Sunday, November 11, 2018

List of Fed cup Championa: Czechs 2018 Winners | History.

Federation Cup Winners List: All-time historical Champions & runners-up.

  Fed Cup is a Premier International tournament of women's Tennis. It is organized by the International Tennis Federation ( ITF ) annually by teams globally.

It is also known as " Federation Cup " until 1995, then it changed in current name.

It is inaugurated to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ITF in 1963.

Fed Cup is the world largest most popular annual women's sports unit in the World.

The United States Fed team has holds the Most title Fed Cup champions with 18th times & also holds the Fed Cup record Most Consecutive winning titles by a team is 7th times from 1976-1982.

The defending Champions 2017 Fed Cup USA finished as runner-up 12th times, and on 2nd is the Czech Republic by winning titles 11th times, And Australia has on the 2nd finished as runner-up 10th times & made their place 7th times in the List of Fed Cup winners.

Most Fed Cup Finals appearance by a team is by Australia 8th times from 1973-1980.

The Men's Davis Cup is the equivalent of Women's Fed Cup.
2017 Fed Cup Final Winners Team is the USA.

 The Czech Republic is the current 2018 Fed Cup winners by holding its wonderful record in the Fed Cup finals by capturing the trophy for the sixth time in eight years by defeating the defending champion the United States as 3-0.


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Here is full detail list of All-time Champions-Winning teams of Women Fed Cup

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Czech Republic


Czech Republic (CZE)












(FRA) France

Czech Republic


Strasbourg, France
2015Czech Republic (CZE)3-2(RUS) Russia  Prague, Czech Republic
2014Czech Republic (CZE)3-1(GER) Germany  Prague, Czech Republic
2013Italy (ITA)4-0(RUS) Russia  Sardinia, Italy
2012Czech Republic (CZE)3-1(SRB) Serbia  Prague, Czech Republic
2011Czech Republic (CZE)3-2(RUS) Russia Moscow, Russia
2010Italy (ITA)3-1(USA) USA San Diego, CA, USA
2009Italy (ITA)4-0(USA) USA  Reggio Calabria, Italy
2008Russia (RUS)4-0(ESP) Spain Madrid, Spain.
2007Russia (RUS)4-0(ITA) Italy Moscow, Russia
2006Italy (ITA)3-2(BEL) Belgium Charleroi, Belgium
2005Russia (RUS)3-2(FRA) France Paris, France
2004Russia (RUS)3-2(FRA) France  Moscow, Russia (Final 4)
2003France (FRA)4-1(USA) USA Moscow, Russia (Final 4)
2002Slovakia (SVK)3-1(ESP) Spain   Spain (Final 4)
2001Belgium (BEL)2-1(RUS) Russia  Madrid, Spain
2000USA (USA)5-0(ESP) SpainLas Vegas, USA (Final 4)
1999USA (USA)4-1(RUS) Russia Stanford, CA, USA
1998Spain (ESP)3-2(SUI) Switzerland Geneva, Switzerland
1997France (FRA)4-1(NED) Netherlands    Netherlands
1996USA (USA)5-0(ESP) Spain Atlantic City, USA
1995Spain (ESP)3-2(USA) USA Valencia, Spain
1994Spain (ESP)3-0(USA) USA Frankfurt, Germany
1993Spain (ESP)3-0(AUS) Australia Frankfurt, Germany
1992Germany (GER)2-1(ESP) Spain Frankfurt, Germany
1991Spain (ESP)2-1(USA) USANottingham, Great Britain
1990USA (USA)2-1(URS) USSR Atlanta, GA, USA
1989USA (USA)3-0(ESP) Spain Tokyo, Japan
1988Czechoslovakia (TCH)2-1(URS) USSR Melbourne, Australia
1987Germany F.R. (FRG)2-1(USA) USA Vancouver, Canada
1986USA (USA)3-0(TCH) Czechoslovakia Prague, Czechoslovakia
1985Czechoslovakia (TCH)2-1(USA) USA Nagoya, Japan
1984Czechoslovakia (TCH)2-1(AUS) Australia Sao Paulo, Brazil
1983Czechoslovakia (TCH)2-1(FRG) Germany F.R. Zurich, Switzerland
1982USA (USA)3-0(FRG) Germany F.R. Santa Clara, CA, USA
1981USA (USA)3-0(GBR) Great Britain Tokyo, Japan
1980USA (USA)3-0(AUS) Australia Berlin, West Germany
1979USA (USA)3-0(AUS) Australia Madrid, Spain
1978USA (USA)2-1(AUS) Australia Melbourne, Australia
1977USA (USA)2-1(AUS) Australia Eastbourne, Great Britain
1976USA (USA)2-1(AUS) Australia Philadelphia, PA, USA
1975Czechoslovakia (TCH)3-0(AUS) Australia Aix-en-Provence, France
1974Australia (AUS)2-1(USA) USA Naples, Italy
1973Australia (AUS)3-0(RSA) South AfricaHomburg, W.Germany
1972South Africa (RSA)2-1(GBR) Great Britain Johnsburg, South Africa
1971Australia (AUS)3-0(GBR) Great Britain Perth, Australia
1970Australia (AUS)3-0(FRG) Germany F.R. Freiburg, W.Germany
1969USA (USA)2-1(AUS) Australia Athens, Greece
1968Australia (AUS)3-0(NED) Netherlands Paris, France
1967USA (USA)2-0(GBR) Great Britain Berlin, West Germany
1966USA (USA)3-0(FRG) Germany F.R. Turin, Italy
1965Australia (AUS)2-1(USA) USA Melbourne, Australia
1964Australia (AUS)2-1(USA) USA Philadelphia, PA, USA
1963USA (USA)2-1(AUS) Australia  =  GB

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