Would You Like to Know About who Win the Most Baseball World Cups. History - Sports history


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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Would You Like to Know About who Win the Most Baseball World Cups. History

History of Baseball World Cups

All About Baseball World Cups History since 1938 .Winners list of Baseball World cups. Baseball facts & figures from Past . 

  • The Baseball is a international sport , which are widely played in Latin America, especially Cuba , south America, Europa, Asia etc, are organized by International Baseball Federation (IBAF).
  •   Baseball Governed by International Baseball Federation (IBAF) , along with World Baseball Classic (WBSC) , who are responsible for rules & regulation, for conduction many national & International competition, tournaments in different Continents. 
  •  The Baseball WC are terminated after the last Final win by Netherlands at Panama City, due to expanded the World baseball Classic (Starts from 2006) .
  • IBAF introduced 2 new tournaments by replacing the Baseball WC, U-15, U-21 World Cup in 2014. 
  • Cuba has winning the most world Cups than any other country is 25 times World Champion in the Baseball World , 2nd, 3rd by USA is 4th time world champion , Venezuela 3 time title winning .
  • San Francisco Giants is winner of National Champion League & Kansas city Royal is winner of American league champion , It's all in 110th-e 2014 world series in Major League Baseball's series .

All About Baseball World Cups History, Winners list of Baseball World cups since 1938

Years Champions Runner-up 3rd Place 4th Place Host Teams Played
1938 Great BritainUnited States - - Cuba   2
1939 Cuba Nicaragua   United States -  Cuba   3
1940 Cuba Nicaragua/USA - Venezuela  Cuba   7
1941  Venezuela Cuba Mexico PanamaCuba   9
1942 Cuba Dominican Republic   Venezuela Mexico Cuba   5
1943  Cuba  Mexico Dominican Republic Panama Cuba   4
1944  Venezuela Mexico Cuba Panama Great Britain   8
1945  Venezuela Colombia
Nicaragua    Great Britain   5
1947 Colombia Puerto Rico
- Great Britain   9
1948Dominican Republic Puerto Rico Nicaragua   Mexico Great Britain    8
1950  Cuba Dominican Republic  Venezuela Panama Great Britain   12
1951  Puerto RicoPuerto Rico  Cuba  Dominican Republic Mexico   11
1952   Cuba   Dominican Republic  Puerto Rico  Panama  Cuba   13
1953   Cuba  Venezuela  Nicaragua  Dominican Republic  Venezuela   11
1961   Cuba   Mexico    Venezuela  Panama   Costa Rica  10
1965   Colombia  Mexico   Puerto Ric  Panama   Colombia    9
1969   Cuba   United States  Dominican Republic  Venezuela  Dominican Republic    11
1970   Cuba   United States   Puerto Rico  Colombia   Colombia    12
1971  Cuba   Colombia   Nicaragua  Puerto Rico  Cuba    10
1972  Cuba    United States  Nicaragua  Japan  Nicaragua   16
1973 (January)  Cuba   Puerto Rico  Venezuela  Dominican Republic   Cuba    8
1973 (December)  United States   Nicaragua  Puerto Rico  Colombia  Nicaragua   11
1974  United States   Nicaragua  Colombia  Dominican Republic   United States    9 
1976  Cuba   Puerto Ric  Japan    Nicaragua   Colombia    11
1978   Cuba  United States  South Korea    Japan   Italy    11
1980  Cuba  South Korea   Japan  United States   Japan   12
1982  South Korea   Japan  United States    Chinese   South Korea    10
1984  Cuba   Chinese   United States  Japan   Cuba   13
1986  Cuba  South Korea    Chinese   United States  Netherlands    12
1988  Cuba   United States    Chinese   Japan   Italy    12
1990  Cuba  Nicaragua  South Korea    Puerto Rico   Canada   12
1994  Cuba  South Korea    Japan   Nicaragua   Nicaragua    16
1998  Cuba  South Korea   Nicaragua   Italy    Italy    16
2001  Cuba  United States   Chinese    Japan  Taiwan   16
2003  Cuba  Panama   Japan   Chinese   Cuba   16
2005  Cuba  South Korea     Panama  Netherlands  Netherlands    18
2007  United States   Cuba  Japan  Netherlands  Taiwan    16
2009  United States   Cuba  Canada  Puerto Rico  Italy    22
2011  Netherlands   Cuba  Canada  United States  Panama   16

       World  Baseball Classic 2017 

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