Top 20 Most Boring Sports-Games of the World ..

Top 20 Most Boring Sports-Games of the World  ....

Golf is the Most Boring sport-game in the World, Test Cricket is also most bored game in the World.

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1. Golf

2. Test Cricket

3. Fencing

4. Chess

5. Snooker

6. Dressage

7. Fishing

8. Darts

9. Bowls

10. Football

11. Draughts

12. Formula One

13. Show jumping

14. Ultimate Frisbee

15. Horse racing

16. American football

17. Rugby

18. Curling

19. Tennis

20. Boxing


  1. If someone were to torture me with a choice of watching either golf or tennis I'd take golf. Yes, it may be boring but at least I get to see more of the outdoors than tennis. In tennis all you see is that little ball going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth... Am I boring you yet?

  2. What test cricket really.
    Test cricket is quite interesting.
    If u A fan there is no way u can even change the channel coz the game is unpredictable unlike other games

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