Motorcycle Racing Major Events & Types; Moto Racing - Sports history


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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Motorcycle Racing Major Events & Types; Moto Racing

Motorcycle Racing Major Events & Types; Moto Racing.

Motorcycle Racing is are also called Moto Racing or Motor Bike racing is a motorcycle sports. 
Motorcycle Racing series is held under the governing body of Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) ...   Motor road Racing or Off-Road racing both are either circuit or on open courses & track racing...

Motorcycle Racing, series,  Major Events, Types; Motor bike Racing series...

Following are the main Categories/Types &  Major Events of Moto Racing or Motorcycle racing series....

Motorcycle Grand Prix Racing.

 MotoGP & GP 500 & MotoGP 1000cc
Moto GP 350
Moto GP 250
Moto GP 125
Moto GP 80
Moto GP 50
Road Racing Formula 750

Superbike Racing



  Stock 1000
  Stock 600
  AMA Superbike  (USA)
  AMA Pro Daytona SportBike  (USA)
  AMA Daytona 200
  British Superbike
  Australian Superbike

Endurance Racing 

bullet Suzuka 8 Hours

Sidecar Racing. 

 Sidecar World 
F1-F2 road racing
Historic racing


des Nations
  AMA Motocross 250  (USA)
  AMA Motocross 125  (USA)
  AMA Motocross 500  (USA)
  FIM MX1 World Motocross
  FIM MX2 World Motocross
  FIM MX3 World Motocross

Supercross Racing

AMA Supercross 250   (USA)
  World Supercross GP
  AMA Supercross 125 West  (USA)
  AMA Supercross 125 East  (USA)
  AMA Supercross 500  (USA)
  US Open  / Supercross
  Paris Bercy Supercross  
  X Games Moto X Super X Gold  (Men)

SuperMoto Racing

FIM S1 SuperMoto  
  FIM S2 SuperMoto   
  AMA SuperMoto   (USA)
  AMA SuperMoto   (USA)
  AMA SuperMoto Lites  (USA)
bullet SuperMoto of   
  X Games SuperMoto   
  Moto X World SuperMoto  

Flat Track Rcaing

AMA Flat Track Grand National  

Off-Road Racing

Dakar Rally   (Bike Category)

  Dakar Rally   (Quad Category)
  Baja 1000   (2-Wheel Category)

Drag Racing

Track racing
Indoor short track and TT Racing
Ice speedway
Board track
Auto Race
NHRA Pro Stock Bike  

Land speed Racing 

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