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Saturday, September 30, 2017

You know the Current Champion of WWE Royal Rumble ? RR Winners List.

All WWE Royal Rumble Winners-Champions Name list Since 1988. 

Most winning title & to enter in the WWE Wreslter-Mania is by Steve Austin 3 times in the WWE Royal Rumble. Latest WWE Royal Rumble 2017 winner name is Randy Orton.  

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Brief history of WWE Royal rumble and Stats-Facts-Records.  

  • WEE Royal Rumble is one of the Most popular WWE Pro-Wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event. The first Royal Rumble is organized by WWE in since Jan 24, 1988 till now and every year it is held in January. It is one of the "Big 4" event of WWE along with Wrestle-mania, Summer-slam & Survivor series. 
  • It is based on Royal Battle in which normally 30 wrestlers participate by tossing them over the rope & it has only 1 hour for deciding the winner of Royal Rumble. 
  • The Most WWE Royal Rumble wining title is by S.C Steve Austin 3 times.
  • The Highest individual time spent in the ring in a single match is by Rey Mysterio is 1:02:12 in 2006. 
  • The shortest time spent in ring by a wrestler in a single Royal Rumble match is by Santino Marella is just 1 sec in 2009.  
  • Most Royal Rumble appearance is done by Isaac Yankem-Diesel-Kane are 19th times.
  • Royal Rumble 2015 winner name is Roman Reigns & last year-previous Royal Rumble 2016 winner name is Triple H.
  • Current Royal Rumble 2017 winner-champion Randy Orton.

Here are complete list of WWE Royal rumble champions-winners name list from 1988 to 2017-present. 

WWE Royal Rumble 1988 =       Hacksaw Jim Duggan

WWE Royal Rumble 1989 =
        Big John Studd 

WWE Royal Rumble 1990 = 
       Hulk Hogan

WWE Royal Rumble 1991 = 
       Hulk Hogan 

WWE Royal Rumble 1992 = 
       Ric Flair 

WWE Royal Rumble 1993 = 

WWE Royal Rumble 1994 = 
       Lex Luger  /  Bret Hart 

WWE Royal Rumble 1995 = 
       Shawn Michaels 

WWE Royal Rumble 1996 = 
       Shawn Michaels 

WWE Royal Rumble 1997 = 
       Steve Austin 

WWE Royal Rumble 1998 = 
       Steve Austin 

WWE Royal Rumble 1999 = 
       Vince McMahon 

WWE Royal Rumble 2000 = 
       The Rock 

WWE Royal Rumble 2001 = 
       Steve Austin 

WWE Royal Rumble 2002 = 
       Triple H 

WWE Royal Rumble 2003 = 
       Brock Lesnar 

WWE Royal Rumble 2004 = 
       Chris Benoit 

WWE Royal Rumble 2005 =

WWE Royal Rumble 2006 = 
       Rey Mysterio

WWE Royal Rumble 2007 =

WWE Royal Rumble 2008 = 
       John Cena 

WWE Royal Rumble 2009 =
        Randy Orton 

WWE Royal Rumble 2010 = 

WWE Royal Rumble 2011 = 
       Alberto Del Rio 

WWE Royal Rumble 2012 = 

WWE Royal Rumble 2013 = 
       John Cena 

WWE Royal Rumble 2014 = 

WWE Royal Rumble 2015 = 
       Roman Reigns 

WWE Royal Rumble 2016 = 
       Triple H

WWE Royal Rumble 2017 =  
       Randy Orton 

WWE Royal Rumble 2018 will take place 28 January at Wells Fargo center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA.  

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