List of FIFA Women's World Cup Winners: Spain 2023 Champions

FIFA Women's World Cup Champions List: Past Winners by Year, History Since 1991

The United States beat the maiden finalist appearance team Netherlands to won the record Fourth time of FIFA women's World Cup title, the most recent winner of 2023 FIFA women's World Cup final champions is Spain held in New Zealand and Australia....


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FIFA Women's World Cup Champions History

  • FIFA women's world cup is an international women's Soccer-football competition among the national teams of the world under the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). 
  • Women's tournament organized every 4 years since its first competition held in 1991 between the United States 2-1 Norway. 
  • USA become the first champions of FIFA women's world cup in 1991.
  • In the first 2 tournaments, 12 teams competed & next 4 competition till Women's world cup 2011. 
  • Women's world cup 2015 & so forth in FIFA women's world cup 2019 there will be 24 teams qualify.
  • The 7 editions of FIFA women's world cup is won by just 4 nations.
  • USA won the 4 titles of Women's World Cup, Germany has 2 titles, Japan, Korea each have won 1 title of FIFA women's world cup.

  •  FIFA women's world cup 2015 Final won by the United States beating the defending champion of FIFA women's world cup 2011 Japan with goal score 5-2.  
  • More recent, Spain won the first-ever Women's World Cup title beat beating England 1-0 thanks to Captain Olga Carmona.

FIFA Women's World Cup Winners & Runners-up List by Years.

FIFA Women's World Cup 1991 

In the Inaugural women's tournament that had 12 teams divided into three groups, with matches lasting 80 minutes and awarding two points for a win.
Host: China
Champion: United States 2-1 Norway 
adidas Golden Ball: Carin Jennings (USA)

FIFA Women's World Cup 1995

 The tournament featured 12 teams, including debutants Australia, Canada and England.
Host: Sweden
Champion: Norway 2-0 Germany 
adidas Golden Ball: Hege Riise (NOR)

FIFA Women's World Cup 1999

The United States hosted and won the tournament, which set a string of records for attendance, TV ratings and public interest when they beat China 5–4 in a shootout.
 The number of teams increased to 16, while all referees and match officials were female.

Host: United States
Champion: United States  5-4 (pen) China
adidas Golden Ball: Sun Wen (CHN)

FIFA Women's World Cup 2003
* Germany won the tournament when they defeated Sweden 2–1 in extra time and became the first country to win both the men's and women's World Cups.
The World Cup originally scheduled in China, but moved to USA due to SARS sever outbreak in China. 
Host: United States
Champion: Germany  2-1  Sweden
adidas: Golden Ball: Birgit Prinz (GER)

FIFA Women's World Cup 2007

 Germany began their campaign with a record-breaking 11-0 win against Argentina and went on to become champions by defeating Brazil 2-0 in the final without conceding a single goal in the tournament.

Host: China
Champion: Germany 2-0  Brazil
adidas Golden Ball: Marta (BRA)

FIFA Women's World Cup 2011

 Japan won the final against the United States in a shootout and became the first Asian team to win the tournament.
The victory came months after Japan's devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Host:   Germany
Champion:  Japan  3-1 (pen) United States 
Adidas Golden Ball: Homare Sawa (JPN)

FIFA Women's World Cup 2015 

The final was a rematch of the 2011 decider, with the United States beating Japan 5–2 to claim their first title in 16 years and become the first team to win three Women's World Cups.

Canada received direct entry as hosts, and a qualification tournament of 134 teams was held for the remaining 23 places.

Host:   Canada 
Champion:   United States  5-2  Japan. 
Adidas Golden Ball:  Carli Lloyd (USA). 

FIFA Women's World Cup 2019

The United States won their fourth title by defeating the Netherlands 2-0 in the final at Parc Olympique Lyonnais.

 The tournament introduced the Video Assistant Referee system and had 24 teams participating.

Host: France

Champions:   United States  2 - 0 Netherlands

Adidas Golden ball:   Megan Rapinoe (USA)

FIFA Women's World Cup 2023

 Spain has won its first Women’s World Cup Cup with a 1-0 victory over England. The win for Spain in just its third World Cup appearance prevented the Lionesses — the Lioness reigning European champions — from bringing the trophy back to England for the first time since 1966. England’s men’s team won the nation’s only World Cup that year..

Host: Australia & New Zealand

ChampionsSpain 1 - 0 England

Golden Ball:   Aitana Bonmati (Spain)

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Previous Women's World Cup Finals Winners, All-Time Champions 1991-2023

2023 — Spain 1, England 0

2019 — United States 2, Netherlands 0

2015 — United States 5, Japan 2

2011 — Japan 2, United States 2, Japan won 3-1 on penalty kicks

2007 — Germany 2, Brazil 0

2003 — Germany 2, Sweden 1, OT

1999 — United States 0, China 0, United States won 5-4 on penalty kicks

1995 — Norway 2, Germany 0

1991 — United States 2, Norway 1