Kabaddi world cup History - All-time Winners List by Year

History of Kabaddi - World Cup champions List Since 2004

India fully dominates the Kabaddi sport in all world having won the Nearly All world cup titles.
India has won the Kabaddi World Cup 2016 to defeat Iran held in Ahmadabad, India.

Pakistan became kabaddi world champions Sunday after narrowly beating arch-rivals and 6th-time Kabaddi Champions India who played even though authorities at home vowed to investigate why a team competed despite a ban on sporting ties.

In Kabaddi World Cup final 2020, Pakistan fought back in the second half to secure a 43-41 win over the defending champions in the popular South Asian sport in front of thousands of spectators.

Pakistan Set to Host the Kabaddi World Cup 2024.

The Next Kabaddi World Cup dates, venues released  coming soon.

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Brief History of Kabaddi & Kabaddi World Cup Champions.

The word Kabaddi is derived from Tamil language word "Kai-pidi" which means to hold with hands & also firstly played in Tamil Nadu, India.
Kabaddi was 1st introduced in Berlin Olympics later on Indian Olympics games 1938 at Calcutta. 
Kabaddi is most popular in especially south Asia  & other parts of the world like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Iran, Bangladesh Japan, Canada, USA, UK, Argentina, Thailand, Korea, China, Indonesia, Australia etc. 
Kabaddi is the national sport of Bangladesh 

Kabaddi is played in 3 styles standard-national style, circle style, beach style. 
There are 4 format-forms of kabaddi,  Amar, Suranjeevi, Huttuttoo, Gaminee. 

How to Play Kabaddi , rule & regulations.?

In Kabaddi 2 teams consist of 7 players having the 2 opposite halves with small field, the 1 one send a "Raider" to others half, to get the points he must touches the opposing teammate & without tackled and return to the home half within 30 seconds, in this time the player must be holding his breath & be chanting " Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi" during the raid. However, if the "raider" touches the opposing the team member & couldn't go back to their home half, the opposing team earn points. 

India is First & only Champion of Kabaddi having won the All Kabaddi World Cup since its first edition in 2004.  

Current champion- winner of Kabaddi world cup 2016 is India team. 
Men's Kabaddi World Cup (Standard Style) tournament held in 2004, 2007 and 2016 all three mega units won by India.

while in the Men's Kabaddi World Cup history (Circle Style) tournaments held on 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & in 2020 while the 5 out of 6 mega Kabadddi tournaments won by India & Maiden title won by Pakistan recently in 2020 .

New Rules of Pro Kabaddi. 

The new rules of Pro Kabaddi reward gutsy defending too & a team is awarded 2 points for a “Super Tackle”, when three defenders or less keep a raider down in any raid. The “Do-Or-Die Raid” is another great new rule to add more intensity & increase scoring rates.

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Host Australia wins Over Canada in Punvec Kabaddi World Cup 2018, Complete Results.

Full Results Report Here.

Men's Kabaddi World cup Winners Winners List by Year 2004-2023.

Kabaddi World Cup 2024 will be held in Pakistan.

Pakistan defeat Arch rivals India, win Kabaddi World Cup 2020 for the first time.

2014Sri Mukhtar SahibIndiaPakistan45-42
2016AhmadabadIndiaIran       38-29

Women's Kabaddi World cup Winners - Runner-up List.

2012   India   25 - 19   Iran - Ahmadabad

2013   India    49 - 21    New Zealand 

2014   India    36 - 27    New Zealand

2016   India     45  - 10  United States 

Next Kabaddi World Cup Coming Soon.


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