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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

All Champions of WWE World Championshiop.

Champions of All Time WWE World Heavyweight Championship list. 

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  • Currently WWE World Championship is a WWE World Heavyweight Championship has had different names in different age was created and promoted by American Professional Wrestling WWE and now by the Smack Down Brand. Alongside WWE there is WWE universal championship that was created by RAW.
  • The first championship was created by the WW Wrestling Federation (WWWF) in April 1963 as the WWWF  World heavyweight Championship. 
  • World record holder John Cena had the 12th time Champion of WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
  • The first & 2 time champion and WWE Hall of Fame Bruno Sammaritino who has the 2803 days in 1st reign as champion longest  period in the World Wrestling history, & 4004 days champion as combined reign. 
  • There are 7 men in WWE history who has the Continuous Champion for 1 year, there are, "Bruno SammartinoPedro MoralesBob BacklundHulk HoganRandy Savage, John Cena, and CM Punk ".  
  • A Championship Belt has worth more than $140000 . 

  • Roman Reigns is the Champion of WWE world Heavyweight Championship 2015
  • The WWE World Championship 2016 Champion A J Styles in  Sep 2016.
  • Current & Present Champion of WWE World Championship 2016 is Triple H.

Following Names of WWE Championship in different period. 

WWWF World Heavyweight Championship      Apr 25, 1963 – Feb 8, 1971

WWWF Heavyweight Championship       Feb 8, 1971 – Mar 1, 1979

WWF Heavyweight Championship         Mar 1, 1979 – Dec 26, 1983

WWF World Heavyweight Championship          Dec 26, 1983 – Mar 30, 1998

WWF Championship         Mar 30, 1998 – Dec 9, 2001

Undisputed WWF Championship       Dec 9, 2001 – May 6, 2002

Undisputed WWE Championship             May 6, 2002 – May 19, 2002

WWE Undisputed Championship       May 19, 2002 – Sep 2, 2002

WWE Championship                Sep 2, 2002 – Dec 15, 2013

WWE World Heavyweight Championship           Dec 15, 2013 – June 27, 2016

WWE Championship                 
June 27, 2016  -   July 25, 2016

WWE World Championship       July 26, 2016   to   Present.....

RankWrestlerNo. of
Combined days
1Bruno Sammartino24,040
2Hulk Hogan62,185
3Bob Backlund22,138
4John Cena121,240
5Pedro Morales11,027
6Bret Hart5654
7Triple H9609
Randy Orton8609
9Brock Lesnar4579
10Stone Cold Steve Austin6529
11Randy Savage2520
12CM Punk2462
13Shawn Michaels3396
14The Rock8367
16Kurt Angle4297
17Superstar Billy Graham1296
18The Ultimate Warrior1293
John "Bradshaw" Layfield1280
21The Undertaker4238
22Seth Rollins1220
24The Miz1160
26Eddie Guerrero1133
27Ric Flair2118
28Chris Jericho198
29Sycho Sid297
30Roman Reigns 390+
31Alberto Del Rio284
32Big Show278
33Daniel Bryan365
34Sgt. Slaughter164
36Jeff Hardy142
38The Iron Sheik128
39Buddy Rogers122
Rob Van Dam122
41Ivan Koloff121
42Stan Stasiak19
43Mr. McMahon16
45Rey Mysterio1<1
André the Giant1<1

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