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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

2019 Formula 1 entry fees: How much it cost for every F1 team.?

Formula 1 2019 entry fees: Full cost confirmed for every F1 team.

From the beginning of 2013 Formula 1 season, the FIA has made some changes in finances system for its entry fees for every F1 team, and this fees cost depends upon the number of points scored in the previous F1 season.

Formula 1 2019: entry fees cost confirmed for every F1 team in full.

Each year the price increases based on the US Consumer Price Index, and it means for 2019 all teams have to pay a basic entry fee of $546,133, and then an extra amount depending on where they finished last year.

The constructors’ champion (Mercedes) has to pay $6553 per point scored, while all the other teams pay $5459 per point.

When Mercedes enjoyed a hugely dominant 2016 season, it was left facing a bill of more than $5.25 million for entry to the following campaign.

Ironically, Ferrari’s resurgence has meant that Mercedes’ points scoring has not been so rampant over the last two seasons – bringing its payment down. Even so, Mercedes has to pay more than $4.8 million in total for its 2019 entry – with five teams paying more than $1 million.

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Here is a full breakdown of the Formula 1 2019 entry fees, and how they compare to last year.


2019 fee: $4,838,348

2018 fee: $4,653,720


2019 fee: $3,663,222

2018 fee: $3,210,170

Red Bull:

2019 fee: $2,833,454

2018 fee: $2,415,376


2019 fee: $1,212,131

2018 fee: $810,305


2019 fee: $1,053,820

2018 fee: $758,695


2019 fee: $884,591

2018 fee: $670,958

Racing Point:

2019 fee: $830,001

2018 fee: $1,481,235


2019 fee: $808,165

2018 fee: $541,933

Toro Rosso:

2019 fee: $726,280

2018 fee: $789,661


2019 fee: $584,346

2018 fee: $944,491

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