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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Cowboys, Man United on the Most Valuable Sports Teams 2018: Forbes List.

NFL Cowboys, Manchester United on the Most Valuable Sports Teams 2018: Forbes List.

NFL Dallas Cowboys & EPL football Club Manchester United is the top list of World Most Valuable teams in the World, Forbes has just released the Press of 50 Most Valuable Sports Franchises in the World 2018. Each team has a worth of $4.8 billion & $4.12 billion respectively.

La Liga clubs, Real Madrid & Barcelona have made their place in Forbes' Top 10 Most Valuable Sports Teams of 2018 with a total worth more than $4 billion each.

FIFA World Cup & NBA (Basketball) has the dominant sports in the World, more than 3 billion watch World Soccer gala every four years.

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  For the third straight year, the NFL Dallas Cowboys have been nominated as the Forbes world's most valuable sports team (Franchise) in 2018 too.

In spite of the worldwide popularity of basketball and soccer, American football is still the top money leader.

Among the Forbes 50 Most Valuable Sports teams list, 29 teams belong to the NFL in the world.
Despite the Football teams, other teams positions is just fine basketball has 8 teams, soccer has 7 teams and baseball has 6 teams in the Forbes List.

 Sports TV networks pay billions to satisfy their viewers to stay tune in at NFL games. NFL teams have divvied up $8.2 billion, or $255 million per team, last season from shared league revenue, with TV rights deals from CBS, NBC, Fox, ESPN, and DirecTV the bulk of the money.

 The world’s top sports franchises are earning more than expectations, with average profits of $103 million, up 13% over last year. Only five teams failed to earn at least $60 million

Premier League Manchester United goes up from third to second, La Liga Real Madrid goes up from fifth to third, and Barcelona remained at No. 4.

The MLB team New York Yankees on the 5th has increased the value from $3.8 to $4 billion.

2017 NFL Super Bowl champions New England Patriots is second NFL team & on 6th in the 50 Forbes Money List.

NFL team San Francisco 49ers remain in Top 10 valuable franchise list for many years, but they fell to 13th at $3.05 billion in 2018 season.

NBA Top most valuable team 2018 is  New York Knicks have a total worth of $3.6 billion is on 7th with the second NBA team, Los Angeles Lakers with total value are $3.3 billion is 8th on the list. 

German Football (Soccer), Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich is on 12th on the list with $3.063 billion value.

 List of  Top 20 world's most valuable sports Teams (franchises).

Below is a full detail

Click here for more Top 50 Forbes List.

1. Dallas Cowboys, $4.8 billion, 14% (NFL)

2. Manchester United, $4.123 billion, 12% (Soccer)

3. Real Madrid, $4.09 billion, 14% (Soccer)

4. Barcelona, $4.064 billion, 12% (Soccer)

5. New York Yankees, $4 billion, 8% (MLB)

6. New England Patriots, $3.7 billion, 9% (NFL)

7. New York Knicks, $3.6 billion, 9% (NBA)

8. Los Angeles Lakers, $3.3 billion, 10% (NBA)

9. New York Giants, $3.3 billion, 6% (NFL)

10. Golden State Warriors, $3.1 billion, 19% (NBA)

11. Washington Redskins, $3.1 billion, 5% (NFL)

12. Bayern Munich, $3.063 billion, 13% (Soccer)

13. San Francisco 49ers, $3.05 billion, 2% (NFL)

14. Los Angeles Dodgers, $3 billion, 9% (MLB)

15. Los Angeles Rams, $3 billion, 3% (NFL)

16. Chicago Cubs, $2.9 billion, 8% (MLB)

17. San Francisco Giants, $2.85 billion, 8% (MLB)

18. Chicago Bears, $2.85 billion, 6% (NFL)

19. Boston Red Sox, $2.8 billion, 4% (MLB)

19. Houston Texans, $2.8 billion, 8% (NFL)

21. New York Jets, $2.75 billion, 0% (NFL)

22. Philadelphia Eagles, $2.65 billion, 6% (NFL)

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