Who win the most Rugby World Cups . RWC history - Sports history


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Friday, January 22, 2016

Who win the most Rugby World Cups . RWC history

Rugby World Cup  Winners-Champions List.

  • The Rugby Sports is under the supervision of Rugby League International Federations (RLIF) , who are responsible for regulating the rules & regulation throughout the world.
  • First Rugby World Cup is held in 1987 at Co-host Australia-- New-Zealand.
  •  Initially, there are 16 participants in the World cup, later in 1999 4 more teams are added, now 20 teams are participating in the WC.
  • New Zealand in 1st team in Rugby history to win the Three WC titles, by Winning the last Rugby World Cup 2015 to defeating Australia .
  • The most overall points scorer in Rugby World Cup history is the English Jonny Wilkinson, their score is 277 in WC career.    
  • The most points scored in a single game in 145 by All Blacks in 1995. 

Rugby world Cup, Facts,  history , winners,runners-up, list

 Rugby World Cup Winners-Runner-Up List,  since 1987.

Years Champions Runner-up 3rd Place 4th Place Host Teams Played
1987  New Zealand  France   Wales  Australia    AUS-NZ    16
1991   Australia  England  New Zealand   Scotland  ENG,FR,ST,WAL  16
1995  South Africa New Zealand   France   England  South Africa  16 
1999   Australia  France    South Africa  New Zealand   ENG,FR,ST,WAL, IRL   20
2003   England    Australia   New Zealand  France   Australia   20 
2007  South Africa  England   Australia   France   France   20 
2011  New Zealand  France   Australia   Wales  New Zealand   20 
2015   New Zealand   Australia   South Africa  Argentina    England  20
2019              Japan  20

2019 Rugby World Cup Japan

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